Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tuesday Morning Northern Utah News Roundup

Hopefully scofflaw Neal Humphrey's bold taunt won't land him in the slam

Nutritious Emerald City red meat news has been in exceedingly short supply over the past few days, so we'll offer our readers this Northern Utah News Roundup, just so's our readers will at least have something to chat about on WCF this morning:

1) There's good news on the Emerald City jobs front this morning, as The Standard-Examiner reports that Ogden entrepreneur and all-around good guy Alan Hall's "MarketStar Corp. will add 250 Internet advertising sales jobs in Ogden over the next few months to serve a major search engine client":
And in a shocking "man-bites-dog" twist to this Ogden jobs story, hold onto your hats for this:
"The city did not offer MarketStar any incentives for the hiring initiatives."
Hard to imagine, no?

2) Amidst the scores of HB 477 stories which have appeared on northern Utah print media pages over the past few months, here's a SLTrib story which particularly caught our eye this morning, wherein Trib reporter Brooke Adams cites "[t]he case of Kevin Tolton versus the Town of Alta" [as a case which] "is widely known as the mother of all records requests — the incident that access advocates, government officials and lawmakers alike hold out as the example of why Utah’s open records law needs revision":
We'll go along with this savvy reader comment, which appears beneath the story:
Just as the Westboro Baptists test our commitment to free speech, Mr. Tolton tests our commitment to open government. Yes, the Town of Alta needs to do a better job managing its records to reduce the cost of complying with requests. At the same time, it's perfectly fair to charge requesters a reasonable fee for locating and retrieving large numbers of records. And GRAMA currently allows such charges, especially when the request benefits a person rather than the public.
3) And last but not least, we'll shine the spotlight on this sardonic Neil Humphrey SE guest commentary piece, which illustrates the sheer idiocy of the socialist liquor marketing monopoly, here in The People's Republic of Utah:
In closing, scofflaw Rev. Humphrey offers this bold taunt:
"You can catch me at it every Sunday morning, so come and get me. Just be ready to repent."
Hopefully this won't land him in the slam.

That's it for now, O Gentle Ones.

Who will be the first to chime in with your own 2¢?


althepal said...

Rev. Humphrey would be well advised to cease taunting Utah liquor monopoly authorities, inasmuch none of them has ever demomstrated any discernible sense of humor.

mikey1 said...

There's also a great story in the SL Trib regarding contamination at BDO.

rudizink said...

Thanks, Mikey. KSL's on the latter story too:

Workers at Same Office Become Ill — Just a Coincidence?

rudizink said...

Just a thought. heheheh.

keisha said...

Eagle Bail Bonds got ne out of the slam years ago.

I agree with Rudi.

keisha said...

Eagle Bail Bonds got ne out of the slam years ago.

I agree with Rudi.

keisha said...

Eagle Bail Bonds got ne out of the slam years ago.

I agree with Rudi.

Rudi said...

Awesome posts!

Bill Yeats said...

Eagle Bail Bonds got ny ass out of the slam once. I therefore highly recommend Eddie and Cindy!

Ray said...

News Flash...Gov. Herbert and Legiskative leaders get their collective heads out of their a_ _'s;

State liquor stores to stay open after all
April 26th, 2011 @ 5:56pm
By Dennis Romboy

SALT LAKE CITY — Nine state liquor stores won't run dry after all — at least not this year.

Gov. Gary Herbert and legislative leaders worked out a way for the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control to shift $1.4 million within the agency to keep the stores open until February 2012. About 100 full- and part-time jobs were saved as a result.

In addition, the money means stores won't have to reduce operating hours as initially planned. All locations will maintain current hours.

"That's a big deal to people," said Vickie Ashby, DABC spokeswoman.

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