Monday, April 18, 2011

Standard-Examiner: OPD Awaits New Crime-fighting Tools

A crime fighting, aerial surveilance blimp for Ogden? Oh the Huge Manatee!

Despite the fact that Boss Godfrey's aerial survellance blimp has become a side-splitting punchline on both the local and national levels, The Standard-Examiner still continues this morning, (with an apparent completely straight face), to assist the administration in flogging this idea as a legitimate crime-fighting tool:
Interesting crime statistics side-story emerges from this morning's Scott Schwebke writeup, too:
In 2010, violent crime incidents, including homicide, rape, robbery and assault, in east-central Ogden decreased 24 percent. Property crimes, such as burglary and auto theft rose by 20 percent over those recorded in 2009, according to a newly issued CRU report.
A crime fighting, aerial surveilance blimp for Ogden, to respond to the disturbing 2010 uptick in property crimes?

The "Ogdenburg"

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Superman said...

Just to be a nit picker, the airship pictured was a Dirigible not a blimp.

Curmudgeon said...


What's the difference? I thought the terms were, in common use, more or less synonyms.

Scarecrow said...

What color Swastika's will comrades Griener and Godfree choose for their ghetto surveillance Manatee, The Ogdenburg? Another administration disaster waiting to happen.

OneWhoKnows said...

Is "The Ogdenberg" big enough to house Mini-Me-Mayor to ride around in observing His city and looking up license plate numbers of those critical of our once great leader?

And I thought my Army Reserve training in the Field Artilary was a six year waste of time. Maybe I can apply it to my civilian life finally?

nitpicker said...

I think a dirigible has a rigid frame, whereas a blimp collapses when deflated.


Blain Johnson and others involved with FNURE and Envision Ogden may be a good fit for skippers of the Ogdenburg. Afterall, stealth was their forte and we still don't know who FNURE was? haha

Triple A said...

Wonder who will be the first to try and shoot it down?

ozboy said...

Welllll, if it is any consolation, Ogden's leaders (so called) do not have an exclusive on genius here in the land of bat shit crazy ideas.

Read an article in this morning's SL Tribune that deals with a new proposal by an idiot Utah Senator from Logan, Republican of course, who is proposing that the Legislature pass a law that requires Utah higher education schools to play each other more in sports - or face large fines!

Utah lawmaker presses for in-state games

Is there nothing too small or inconsequential for these hubris laden fools to want to micro-manage? Next thing ya know the state Legislature will be setting Ogden High's intramural sports schedules!

Curmudgeon said...


You're right, of course. We absolutely need the legislature to get involved in college basketball scheduling. I know I want the boys and girls in Salt Lake City spending time on that instead of public education, air pollution, jobs, nuclear waste and other trivial matters that sometimes take up space on the legislative calendar. But college basketball scheduling, now there's something we can all agree should be a top priority. We should all write to Speaker Last Minute Lockhart and suggest this could be one of her 11th Hour Stealth Bill specials for next term. After the fiasco of HB 477 she'll be looking for a winner stealth bill for next time round.

One correction, Oz: the dingbat's proposed law would apply only to public colleges and universities in the state. The legislature has no control over private college sports scheduling so the fines would not apply to them. Rumor has it there's a fairly largish private school just outside Orem, for example. The fines and restrictions would not apply to it.

Imagine that.

RudiZink said...

"Is there nothing too small or inconsequential for these hubris laden fools to want to micro-manage? Next thing ya know the state Legislature will be setting Ogden High's intramural sports schedules!"

Remember, Ozboy, it's these tyrannical corporo-fascist GOP legislators who scream incessantly for "small and limited government," even while they're trying to regulate every minute detail of behavior, institutional and private, in Utah.


Danny said...

I didn't read Schwebke's write up, which I know had to have been crappy, since he wrote it, but I think the blimp was second to last on the capital improvement list, only besting the F-House, which would mean the blimp is dead-er than Godfrey's reputation.

So either Schewbke needs to quit licking Godfrey's boots (and earning Godfrey's under the table money) or I've missed something.

Superman said...

The doctored photo is of the Hindenberg at Lakehurst New Jersey in 1937. It was a rigid lighter than air ship called a Dirigible, a Blimp has no frame. A WGN (Chicago) reporter provided the description of the explosion usually heard with the film. They used Hydrogen in those days which is a very flammable lighter than air gas. These days they use Helium.

AWM said...

For some reason I can see myself in mid summer sitting on the north facing balcony at the Eccles Center...sipping a cold one while I torment Quiet Erp with my radio controlled Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker in period correct paint scheme.

blackrulon said...

Why do we need a blimp for police survelliance? Superman recently visited Ogden. Convince him to stay. The S-E could cetainally use a good reporter on staff. Superman could fight crime in his spare time and save the taxpayers money. His x-ray vision and super hearing could also detect the unethical and illegal schemes hatched on the 9th floor of the municipal building.

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