Sunday, April 17, 2011

Salt Lake Tribune: VesCor Investment Scam Associate Gets Year in Jail

Still surprised that Hammons has people telling the judge what an honorable man he is

By: What will it cost us

William J. Hammons, 67, was sentenced on Friday after being convicted in February of seven counts of felony fraud. Hammons worked with Boss Godfrey crony Val E. Southwick, an Ogden businessman now in prison for a real estate investment scheme that bilked hundreds of investors out of more than $180 million. He received a year in jail and was ordered to pay restitution.
Still surprised that he has people telling the judge what an honorable man he is; but his victims wanted more jail time.


ozboy said...

Nice catch WWICU

And we must not forget that at Southwick's sentencing for the biggest fraud in Utah history our very own Mayor Godfrey got up and asked the judge not to sentence Southwick to prison time because he was an honorable man who made a few little mistakes and that prison after all is for real criminals. Never mind that Southwick's crimes wiped out many people's life savings and went on for over a decade.

What do they say about "birds of a feather flocking together"?

Curmudgeon said...

From the story:

"Retired 8th District Judge A. Lynn Payne also ordered Hammons to serve 10 years probation, pay fines totaling $11,500 and pay $163,905 in restitution.

Payne noted that Hammons was being sentenced only for convictions related to three families he swindled out of about $200,000 and not for his larger association with Southwick.

Since he could not be sentenced for crimes of which he was not convicted [the rest of Southwick's mega-million scams], some of the outrage over the sentence seems misplaced to me. But only some. There were seven felony counts against Hammons, after all. Seven.

And I'm getting really tired of Utah judges praising the good character and public spiritedness of people who've just been convicted of major crimes in their courts and are about to be sentenced. Judge Waddoups set the bar low on that score --- giving a woman who embezzled money from the public schools she worked for a tap on the wrist sentence, and praising her good character as he sentenced her. [The Waddoups clan is not exactly covering itself with political glory these days here in Zion. ]

Danny said...

This is funny.

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Shanna said...

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blackrulon said...

Was Matthew Godfrey contacted or invited to speak at his sentencing hearing?

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