Thursday, February 16, 2012

Deseret News: Senate Majority Leader Scott Jenkins Rails Against Property Tax Exemption for Utah Soldiers

Does Weber County's own fiscally tight-fisted State Senator Jenkins deserve a stern rebuke, or a pat on the back?

"Soldiers know what they're getting into when they enlist and already receive lots and lots and lots of advantages.
We give them all kinds of breaks. We pay for their clothing. We allow them to shop at the PX. And now you're forcing me, your bleeding heart is saying, 'OK, Sen. Jenkins, we want you now to pay for their taxes.' Well, I'm saying enough."

"Hill Air Force Base is adjacent to Jenkins’ district. These men and women are his constituents.
Sen. Jenkins talked about our soldiers like they’re gaming the system. It was an attack on our American heroes, who protect our freedoms, day in and day out, on battlefields around the world."

The Deseret News reports on a fascinating squabble which broke out on Utah's Capitol Hill yesterday, as Senate Majority Leader Scott Jenkins reportedly "went off for the second day in a row over a proposed property tax exemption for members of the military called to active duty, saying they don't need any more breaks."
As an added bonus, the D-News also carries this Youtube video, documenting Jenkins' Senate argument in opposition to legislation which, if enacted, would add a whopping $1.o3 to the average Utah residential property owner's annual property tax bill:

Notwithstanding Jenkins' strenuous opposition, the Senate on Wednesday ultimately voted 24-4 in favor of both a bill, SB116, and a resolution to allow the tax waiver. The resolution, SJR8, calls for an amendment to the state constitution for the exemption, which voters would have to approve in November, according to the Deseret News.

On Wednesday, retired Army general (and 2012 Utah gubernatorial candidate) Peter S. Cooke also called on Gov. Gary Herbert as commander-in-chief of the Utah National Guard to denounce Jenkins' "shocking diatribe," the Deseret News also reports.

So what about it, Weber County Forum readers, does Weber County's own fiscally uber-tight-fisted State Senator Jenkins deserve a stern gubernatorial rebuke, as retired Army general Cooke suggests; or should Jenkins instead be entitled to a pat on the back for keeping a close eye on the Utah public purse, right down to the very last taxpayer buck?

Update 2/16/12 5:54 a.m.: We just now learn that the Standard-Examiner is also carrying its own version of this story too, along its own link to the above-embedded video:
Don't let the cat get your tongues...


Crjennings said...

Yeah. "Support the Troops" unless it means real support. No money where his mouth is, I think.

blackrulon said...

In  defense of Scott Jenkins(R-Plain city). You see this as an attack on soldiers torn from their homes and families for long deployments. Scott Jenkins sees this as just another specialo perk for government employee. Yes it is true. Military members can be considered as part of the federal bureaucracy. They get to wear nice uniforms. Get special training and travel to foreign lands. All at taxpayer expense. They can get specialized free medical care while in their cushy government jobs. And after retirement they get to use the medical facilities at any VA hospital. they do not even have to pay taxes on their trips or claim it as income.  Ir's just creating special privileges for a selected class of people. Enough is enough. Support Scott Jenkins is his fight to remove this protected class of people from the public dole.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Isn't it great to see our wonderful political public relation experts open their mouths and dark, black things spew forth ???

Oggie said...

I don't see this group as being much different than any group of poor people.   I think everyone should pay their taxes.

Mamabettyj said...

Let my voice be heard
Sen. Scott Jenkins
You haven't a clue of which you speak, therefore you should not!! Not for me, & certainly not for or about our military personnel!! Who are in total honesty, the reason you have the FREEDOM to open your mouth TO speak!!
You are beyond being ignorant & an ass....we pay for their clothes?!? I'm calling BULLSHIT!!! I have two kids in the Army, one is an Aviator, the other Special Ops...Hell, their Class A's are hundreds of dollars....out of their own pockets, which they are required to's not like the old days, they have to purchase the medals & ribbons etc, to place on said uniforms, which of course they are required to have.
Oh, and should we talk about the fact that their income is so low that they both qualify for WIC for their babies? You might think, they are privates or maybe spc...nope, both Sergeants....NCO's pay grade E5....noncommissioned officers, 2 tours to Iraq EACH..getting to deploy to Afghanistan, Both....but, HELL they both signed on the dotted line....yeah, they don't need any FREAKIN' BREAKS!!!
I know I'm ranting & raving...this guy, he makes me see RED!!!
Thanks for baring w/me

Curtandbob said...

Is this the same State Senator Jenkins, obese white Republican, who is part of a selected class of people who receive special privileges, like free health care for life? A nice per diem and travel allowance? Because he sits in judgment as an obese white racist Mormon from Plain City who can spend his time talking about an official state dance? As opposed to veterans who protect and defend his fat ass? There's a special place in hell for these losers, and there ain't no proxy baptism to save 'em. Where in the bleep does this obese ahole get off?

Deven Ransom said...

I did some research on Senator Jekins voting record. I thought I would find his opposition to the military. Interestingly he has not voted nay on a single military budget bill since 2005.

Deven said...

Further more I found that this bill was one of many bills being pushed through the Senate by the democrats with exemptions and tax breaks. Sounds like the Utah democrats trying to recreate the "Denver Miracle". They pick issues that have wide support and price tag. They run them against a conervative government then attack when the bills don't go through. Sure Senator Jenkins comments were off base. But I am sure he is not anti military just anti democrat. They have no problem spending tax dollars if it makes them look good. This however is what is getting us in trouble in Washington.

blackrulon said...

With the current supermajority enjoyed in the State Senate and House of Representatives by the GOP nothing gets passed unless they approve.

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