Friday, February 17, 2012

Deseret News: Embattled Attorney Says Prosecutors Refuse to Work with Him in Ogden Shooting Case

Sadly, the facts surrounding this case are plainly swirling into the realm of the surreal and bizarre

The Deseret News is all over the 1/4/12 Ogden Shootings story this morning, with a brand new article, expanding on the material we published yesterday on this topic:
Check out this telling Randy Richards quote, excised from the moving papers which Attorney Richards filed on Tuesday:
The prosecution continues to ignore defense counsel of choice's repeated requests for discovery material based on the fact that they do not recognize Randall W. Richards as the defendant's privately retained counsel," Richards wrote. "This refusal to recognize counsel of choice is hampering defense efforts and may cause a reversible prejudice to the defense's case.
Richards suggests that County prosecutors are already seriously bungling this case; and we believe Mr. Richards is right.

Ask yourselves, people. Why is the prosecution adamant about refusing to acknowledge Mr. Richards' legal representation in this case?

And where are appointed counsel Ryan Bushell and William Albright? Have they filed any motions on their own? Have they requested their own discovery? Are they coordinating whatever efforts they're expending with their co-counsel, Mr. Richards? Have they even so much as opened up their own case files in this matter?

Sadly, the facts surrounding this case are plainly swirling into the realm of the surreal and bizarre. This folks, is a public prosecution that's spinning completely out of control, wethinks, all to the legal detriment of the party who has the highest stakes in this matter... the Defendant Matthew Stewart, that is.

So what "thinks" our Gentle WCF Readers about all this?

The floor's open for your ever-savvy comments, folks.


Ernietheattorney said...

It's pretty evident from the numerous comments in the articles below, Rudi, especially this on from the usually pro-democracy advocate Dorrene Jeske, that the average reader of the Standard-Examiner (including Jeske)  is completely unable to sort out the issues in re this 1/4/12 Ogden gunfight case.

It seems that everybody should "hold their fire" on this issue, for the time being.

Frankly, I believe that EVERYONE should just button up their lips on this case, until the case goes to trial.

From_Utah said...

I think this case was bungled from the start. Bungled from the moment Ogden City thought it wise to crash into a private residence in swat gear over a couple marijuana plants. The fact that it continues to be a bungled mess is also not surprising. 

Moon_rocket said...

Couldn't agree with you more. More to this story than they want us to know. Crazy dosent begin to identify it.

Bob Becker said...

Off topic:    The SE has  interesting column up this morning by Andy Howell discussing how reporters at the SE are using social media to both gather information, tips, etc. and to publicize and spread, in fact, to market  their own stories.   He offers Mr. Schwebke as an example of a full-on "pojo" --- print on line journalist ---[Mr. Howell really likes that term, but then, he insisted on re-dubbing the Newsroom at the SE the "Content Center" so maybe his judgment on naming things is not as sound as one might hope.]   

It is an interesting story, particularly in re: how the competition for readers has spread well beyond the print pages to You Tube, Twitter, Facebook et al. [alas, the NY Times is peddling it's paper edition these days as the "crinkle" edition.  Sigh....] .   

Things have indeed changed. Jon Talton [long time reporter, columnist for the Phoenix Sun and now the Settle Times] and crime novelist recently published "Deadline Man," a mystery with an old time print guy working for a dying Seattle daily as its protagonist. Kind of interesting how the novel describes the newspaper biz these days. From Talton's novel:

"Newsrooms are quiet now.  It gives me the creeps.  If typewriters and teletypes are long gone, so are most of the loud, profane, eccentric characters that used them, yelled 'copy!' to summon the gofer copy boys and girls, and didn't necessarily play well with others, particularly their bosses.  The best of them had high-octane talent and taught me much.  As a young reporter, I missed deadline by eleven minutes, prompting a screaming tirade from the city editor, who somehow was able to accomplish this bit of mentoring without ever removing the cigar from his mouth.  I never missed deadline again.  Now shouting is frowned upon,much less smoking. Shout and they'll send you to HR for a talking-to, or maybe they'll Meyers-Briggs you, so you know what an inappropriate, extroverted, cynical bastard you really are, and how it's offensive, especially to women." 

It's not a particularly good mystery, but is interesting for its protagonist's asides about newspapers, their decline and the reasons therefor.  Mostly, he said, in cost cutting the papers abandoned quality [by which he means abandoned investigative reporting and went instead with simply rephrasing press releases.]  Since we talk a lot about the SE at WCF, thought some might find Talton's novelistic grumbling interesting. 

Andy Howell's column is here:

A Shibboleth said...

This is about the time things too the high nose dive:

M-16 Cheney posing:

A Shibboleth said...

Obviously Michael Stewart was supposed to commit suicide by golf club, he changed the rules and exposed this whole Greiner charade for all these years.  He didn't get fired for election fraud, he got fired for bungling the last decade at leasst:  Todd Blair was to be a carbon copy; old technology and old thinking equals disaster exposed, it had to end too bad it went on for so long.

Tonya said...

I am convinced that none of us will ever know the honest truth about what happened that tragic night.  Interested in following this case and what the final outcome will be. 

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