Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Standard-Examiner: County Attorney to Discuss Stewart Case

More hypocricy from the Weber County Attorney's office?

Breaking news in re the 1/4/12 Ogden Shootings story from the Standard-Examiner! Weber County's cockeyed, loose cannon county attorney Dee Smith, whose goose-stepping prosecutorial minions are even now urging presiding Judge Hyde to issue a gag order, nevertheless is talking out of both sides of his face, and is now, inexplicably, preparing to further taint the Weber County jury pool, with yet another friggin' press conference. Seeing is believing, fair-minded WCF Readers. Read up:
All we can say is that this Weber County Commission appointed prosecutor Dee Smith needs to be quickly ushered off the public stage, when he comes up for election two Novembers from now.

And what say you, O Gentle Ones?


From_Utah said...

It is quite apparent that Dee Smith has no intention to give Stewart a fair trial in Ogden. 

Marcyt75 said...

I tend to reserve my opinion until I have a good grasp of all sides of an issue, going off half-cocked would be as foolish as Dee Smith.  So let me get this right ... they used to be partners ... and this isn't a conflict?  Because quite frankly these men are acting like school children with a grudge to be judged by public opinion.  Or better yet a contest of who's law school degree is bigger.  Needless to say the focus has become about two men battling out career moves and no longer about an incident involving the cops and Stewart.

rudizink said...

"Needless to say the focus has become about two men battling out career
moves and no longer about an incident involving the cops and Stewart."

Savvy observation,Marcyt75.

The truly sad part is that another man's life is at stake, whilst the opposing lead attorneys seem to  "act out" their grade-school style obsessions and resentments.

That's why I'm continually wondering why why the attorneys in the case can't ALL conform to traditional legal attitudes, and extend to each other the common professional courtesies that have been traditi0nal in American legal jurisprudence.

Concerned Citizen said...

I would like to be heard.. Dee Smith needs to think about how he trains his officers... This isn't all the fault of Matthew Stewart.. Maybe Dee Smith should think "rationally!" DOesn't he even think for one second that his officers were probably hit by stray bullets from other officers that night? Matthew does not deserve to die. Matthew deserves a fair trial outside of a community that isn't so biased.

Mrs. Ex Sanchez said...

I will be the first on the list to vote Dee Smith off of the Board!!!!!! We need to bring aboard someone who cares about the citizens as a WHOLE!!!!!

Blackrulon said...

Could someone please tell me how Dee Smith holding a press conference to publicly disparage the defense attorney of mr. Stewart and complaining about Mr. Richards is not violating the gag order? Is Mr. Smith really trying to totally contaminate the local jury pool for this up coming trial? At the least releasing information on this case to the media before submitting the information to the defense is at best incomptence. 

rudizink said...

 Actually, Judge Hyde has never issued a gag order in this matter. 
Although Attorney Richards earlier filed papers in opposition, Judge
Hyde has not yet ruled either way on the proposed gag order.

Mr. Smith's conduct is nevertheless puzzling however, inasmuch as it's his office who demanded it in the first place.

Equally notable is Mr. Richards' forebearance to comment regarding this
case, while in contrast, Mr. Smith chooses to shot off his mouth in a
public press conference.

Frankly, I believe Mr. Smith's conduct defies logic.

Blackrulon said...

It does appear that Mr. Smith only wants a that  arrogrant orsimply so  incompetent to understand how a gag order works?

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