Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Counties Could Seize Federal Land Under Proposed Utah Law

Something of which to make note, O Gentle Weber County Readers and voters, come November, when these folks are standing for re-election and touting their "fiscal prudence," in an election year when each GOP candidate seems hell-bent to prove that he or she is the craziest of all
When it comes to public lands, I consider it a badge of honor to have a constitutional note.
Rep. Ken Sumsion, R-American Fork
Utah House panel OKs bill to let cities seize fed land
February 16, 2012
Entering into such a court fight is ridiculous, especially at a time when budgets are flat and economic concerns linger. The resulting lawsuit could cost "millions and millions of dollars" to argue claims that will almost surely be lost.
"Our legislative counsel isn’t here to make a ruling on whether something is constitutional," King said. "They’re just trying to keep us out of trouble ... and it’s highly probable this whole argument will go down in flames."
Rep. Brian King, D-Salt Lake City
Counties could seize federal land under proposed Utah law
February 27, 2012

 Despite our earlier warning, i.e., that "pickin' a court fight with the feds is an expensive battle that Utah taxpayers are bound to lose," and also notwithstanding the strong "cautions" of legislative counsel that "the bill has is very likely unconstitutional, " the Standard-Examiner reports this morning that nutcase Rep. Sumsion's HB511 has cleared the Utah House, by a 57-14 vote. The bill, which "would [theoretically] give the counties [of Utah] eminent domain power over federal lands," now moves on to the Senate, according this morning's S-E story:
Being the curious type, we Googled, just to find out how many of our Weber County-based Utah House Representatives gulped the Koolaid, and voted for this knuckle-headed legislation which is sure to cost Utah taxpayers millions of dollars before it goes down in flames, the first time it's tested in Federal Court. Checking yesterday's vote tally we find, sadly, that ALL Weber County State House legislators gave it their thumbs-up.

That's right, folks. House Representatives Brad Dee, Gage Froerer, Richard Greenwood, Brad Galvez, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher and Ryan Wilcox ALL fell into line on this madness. Maybe they think it'd be a good idea to condemn that dastardly federal boondoggle, Hill Air Force base, we dunno. The way things are developing however, HAFB looks likely to fall into state hands one way or the other anyway, regardless of happens with HB511, we suppose. Maybe thewy decided it would be wise to get into the base closure and land transfer early on.

Something of which to make note, O Gentle Weber County Readers and voters, come November, when these folks are standing for re-election and touting their "fiscal prudence," in an election year when each and every GOP candidate, locally and nationally, also seems simultaneously hell-bent to prove that he or she is the craziest of them all.

Update 2/28/12 12:00 p.m: Trentelman again chimes in on the issue this morning, in the wake of his earlier Wasatch Rambler column, which was fairly "scathing," in re Utah House Rep. Mike Noel. Here's Trentelman's latest pro-Noel puffpiece, however, wherein he cuts Rep. Noel what we at WCF consider to be undesereved political slack:
So what about it, gentle readers? Did Trentelman back down and "cut Mike Noel a pass," with his most recent journalistic "effort," so-called?


Elder Benson said...

Pay your tithing. Rudi, and get your temple recommend. That's the only way you'll ever find out what's really happening in the Utah GOP.

Trentelm Ssucks said...

Looks to me that this idiot Mike Noel and Charles Trentelman are suddenly now "best pals."

This is pretty sick, actully

blackrulon said...

Interesting that the state legislature is attempting to override cities on bill board laws and historical districts(no local input ) but has no hesisitation in demanding local control over federal lands. By the way does this mean that if Utah gains control of Hill AFB we can use F-16s to stop Nevada from attempting to take away Utah water rights?

Trentelm Ssucks said...

 Don't ever think for a minute that Trentelman isn't a knee-jerk  shill for the powers "that be."

When it comes to supporting the powers of BIG GOVERNMNT,  Trentelman is always the gop-to guy.

Keisha said...

Trentelman is a dick.  Everyone knows this.

So what else is wews?

Trenetleman Suchs said...

Face it people.  When this moron Trentelman chimes in, he's always in favor of BIG GMMIMT!

Just Sayin said...

Yoiks! Try this, peope:

Online Spellcheck, among other things...


Blackrulon said...

The oath of office(UCA-78-24-16) taken by each Utah legislator to solemnly (or affirm) to support, obey, and defend the constitution of the United States and the Utah State Constitution... By supporting and filing the lands lawsuit it would seem they are not fulfilling their sworn duties.

rudizink said...

 Exactly right, Blackrulon.  Unfortunately, in Utah, it's an oath most often honored "in the breach."

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