Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wednesday Morning Weber County Forum News Roundup

Three interesting items from this morning's Standard-Examiner

To kick start this morning's discussion we'll highlight three interesting items from this morning's Standard-Examiner:

1) Here's a fine editorial from the SE editorial board, panning Ogden City Council policy analyst Janene Eller-Smith's Big Government Idea to "implement an opt-out utility bill round up increase to fund scholarships for local high school students":
As to this proposal we'll agree with one S-E reader who says, "The bigger question is why is a business unit of the city involved in social programs at all? Their goal should be to provide customers the best quality lowest cost possible product, not fund scholarships."

2) Although the story linked below speaks of gender neutrality, we'll chalk this up as a major step in the right direction for men's parental rights:
A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat goes out to Rep. Ryan Wilcox, R-Ogden, who sponsored this bill and ushered it through the State House. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that Rep. Wilcox can muster up similar juice in the State Senate.

3) And speaking of awards, here's a heads-up about a bill which deserves our newly-minted Weber County Forum Don Quixote Tilting at Windmills Prize, about which Republican Rep. Ken Sumsion of American Fork says "could have a committee hearing this week would allow counties and cities to condemn federal lands through eminent domain":
Pickin' a court fight with the feds on this issue is an expensive battle that Utah taxpayers are bound to lose, we believe, which is something for our gentle readers to deeply contemplate the next time somebody mentions that Utah is the best managed state in the nation, if you know what we mean, and we think you do.

"Utah baby, where logic goes to die."

That's it for now, O Gentle Ones.

Who'll be the first to chime in on these riveting issues?


Dan S. said...

I very much doubt that the utility-bill-scholarship thing was Eller-Smith's idea. She was merely tasked with projecting how much revenue it would raise.

As for the "Aubree Jo law", it's a fine thing to have on the books, but it's purely symbolic and will have zero effect on how custody cases are actually decided.

rudizink said...

Exactly right, Dan.  This cash-skimming Big Gummint plan obviously can't be  Ogden City Council policy analyst Janene Eller-Smith's own idea.

Here's the problem as I see it.  One or more of our Ogden City Council members first promoted this idea, but whatever Council member(s) who first proposed it is hiding behind the curtain.  Seems to me that if any Ogden City Council member really believed in this BIG GUMMINT PLAN would step forward, and "own it."

As for the "Aubree Jo law" which you mention, I'm a little more optimistic than you, I guess.  In re child custody cases in Utah, this law, if passed by the legislature, will give Utah fathers a new leg up in a system where there's been rampant "gender discrimination."

Despite some of the cultural prejudices which still exist in Utah, This new percipient legislation will operate as a positive move forward in Utah law, methinks.

Dan S. said...

I suspect that the utility-bill-scholarship idea originated entirely outside the council. However, someone on the council decided it was worth spending staff time on.

Virtually ever parent who loses custody will blame that loss on perceived bias in the system. If you have actual evidence of "rampant gender discrimination", I know someone who would love to see it.

Bob Becker said...

On the origins of the idea, Councilwoman Wicks posted this on the SE site:

This is not a "council idea".  It originated with administration (Mayor Godfrey's administration) and was scheduled for a worksession discussion on January 24th.

Her full post, including her views on the matter expressed to her fellow Council members, can be found among the comments here:

OneWhoKnows2 said...

It sounds like Godfrey.  This scam is called tax revenue incentives.  He should have just invested with his buddy Southwick, oh yeh, he did!

blackrulon said...

this is off topic but sad news/ Irene Hunter, widow of Larry Hunter, former city manager passed away Tuesday. Irene was a wonderful friend and neighbor. Larry, who died in 2004, were truly citizens of Ogden.They both dedicated their lives to making ogden a wonderful place to live and raise families. The city is poorer without irene or larry.

blackrulon said...

One of the potential problems with the scholarship funding is that it gets expanded into funding projects that only have a passing relationship with school scholarships. Remember how Godfrey tried to suck huge amounts of RAMP funding for his downtown fieldhouse. political pressure and currying favoritism will push worthy candidates to the side.

Ogdenparent said...

This is a grand idea by Ogden United.  Ogden United has Leslie Herold involved.  She promised a local school $100,000 this year and has already gone back on that.  I don't trust the United Way with her involved and wouldn't give them any money.

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