Sunday, February 05, 2012

"SuperDuperBowl" Sunday Thread - UPDATED

LOL. Your Blogmeister read somewhere that there's a BIG football game coming up today. It's the SuperDuperBowl, as worshippers of Big-Time Teevee Sports might explain it.

For the convenience of our WCF readers who might wanna get in on the action with an American Sports Classic which draws in gazillions of viewers who might not be otherwise interested in American Pro Football, here are a few clues about where you can view, or even belatedly learn about this AMERICAN culturally pivotal 2012 Pro Football Classic game:
It's "on" on NBC @ 4 pm Mountain Time, according to this morning's Standard-Examiner TV listing, by the way:
Rumor also has it that it's also available online:
So whadda think, folks? Just for fun we've set up a reader poll:

And for those gamblers amongst us... here are the latest odds from one of our favorite "punter" websites:
So what about it O Gentle WCF Readers? Is there anyone amongst us who still remains even slightly "un-jazzed up," regarding this afternoon's upcoming Superbowl XLVI?

Update 2/6/12 7:32 a.m.: Giants, 21-17:
Update 2/6/12 12:00 p.m.: Hay! Tribune writer Glenn Gamboa was highly critical this morning of Madonna's 12-minute half-time show:
Here's the full half-time video, for those WCF readers who may have missed it:
So whaddaya think O Gentle Ones?

Not half-bad for a 53-year old, we'll say.

So... was the Madonna halftime show totally lame, as Trib editorial writer Gamboa sez? Or is it that it's this SLC based, self-appointed Gamboa "hipster" who doesn't quite get it?'


Bill Ward said...

I wish there was a "Don't Care" choice. The best thing about this game is that it heralds baseball season. Pitchers and catchers report in two weeks. Play Ball!

rudizink said...

 Bingo, Bill!  a "Don't Care" choice" has been now added to our quick and dirty poll.

Bill Ward said...

Now that's service. Vote recorded.

Bob Becker said...

Kick off is 4:30 local time.  There will be a six hour pre-game show. Yes, that's right: six hours.  Not even the host, Tom Costas, is pretending it will be memorable TV.  Kudos for honest to TC.

Normal NFL halftimes take 12 minutes.  This one will take 31 minutes: 12 minutes for Madonna to... well, to do whatever it is Madonna does [she's promised no wardrobe malfunctions], and the remaining time to set up and then take down the stage on which Madonna will do whatever it is Madonna does.   That all that creates more time to run more ads is, I'm sure, purely coincidental.

We watch, make something of a party of it [mostly focusing on the ads and some good food], and we run a family pool [team and half drawn out of a hat] to give us a rooting interest when we don't much care which team wins, as we don't this year. A little different when the Saints are in it.  But only then. 

Six hour pre-game show....  Jaysus, Maria and Giuseppe. 

blackrulon said...

"If  it's the ultimate game, how come they're playing it again next year?" Duane Thomas

rudizink said...

Speaking of team sports,  here's  a fairly awesome SE story, reporting about the latest on court performance the biggest  Ogden Sports Star within recent memory:

'Real deal' Lillard awes Bears at the Dee

I attended Saturday's WSU/NCU game, and was awed by this mere 6'2"  Lillard guy, whos scored 35 points last Saturday night.

NFL Fan said...

No doubt about it.  That albino guy on the tightrope was the best athlete to show up in the stadium all day.

USC Trojan said...

I hated it.  IT was a complete USC ripoff, including the little SC Trojan uniforms:

USC Trojan Marching Band | Homecoming 2010 | TUSK x 800

USC2 said...

 This is Much Better:

USC Marching Band & Tusk

Bob Becker said...

 Lots of special effects, flashing lights, Cecil B. DeMille left over costumes from The Ten Commandments, disappearing rugs and choir robes to cover pretty uninspired and certainly unexciting singing. About halfway through I began hoping for wardrobe malfunction... anything, really, to give a little spark to a ho hum performance.

D_Dalton said...

panem et circenses

Latinus Maximis said...

 Rem tene: verba sequentur.

D_Dalton said...

respice finem

Latinus Maximis said...

rem acu tetigistin non

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