Saturday, February 25, 2012

Standard-Examiner Editorial: OUR VIEW: Pols' Sexual Hang Ups

The Standard knocked this one clean outta the park, wethinks

If Utah state Rep. Bill Wright, R-Holden, and 44 of his House colleagues have a problem dealing with sex, can't they find counseling for their hang ups? We don't care what they do to themselves, but why do they have to inflict their dysfunctions on Utah teens in public schools?

Standard-Examiner Editorial
OUR VIEW: Pols' sexual hang ups
February 24, 2021

What Wright and his cronies don't get is that responsible parents talk about sexual issues with their children. These parents will continue to talk with their children even if Wright's inane HB363 becomes law. Public schools, through sex education classes, educate many students who would otherwise never learn the facts of life, or worse, learn it from bad influences in the streets.

Standard-Examiner Editorial
OUR VIEW: Pols' sexual hang ups
February 24, 2021
Top-flight editorial in the Standard-Examiner online edition this morning, adding a craftsman-like followup to Friday's Weber County Forum article:
Remarkable, innit, that we're still having these "Victorian Era" conversations, twelve years into the 21st century?

The Standard knocked this one clean outta the park, wethinks.

Shame on Weber County's House Reps. Brad Dee, Brad Galvez, Jeremy Peterson, Dixon Pitcher and Ryan Wilcox, who cast "aye" votes on this idiotic bill, and thereby knuckled under to the wackos of the Eagle Forum and their ilk, who continue to feverishly do their level best to drag Utah's already backward culture even further rearward toward the prudish, head-in-the-sand "virtue" of their 19th century, self-delusional "glory days."

Utah Motto (semi-official): "Life Utard-avated"


Ogden Lover said...

Speaking of the Eagle Forun,  if teenage girls get pregnant, drop out of school, etc. they will be less likely to try to get higher education, run companies, have their own opinions, and in general be uppity.

blackrulon said...

A lot of people owe Kevin Garn(R) an apology. Based on the bill advanced by republicans it appears Mr. Garn was able to see into the future. A future when sex education and open frank discussion of human sexuality would be forbidden. Indeed, he saw into the future and saw that such conversations would not be allowed in school. he bravely tried to educate girls one at a time. Yes, getting a 15 year old girn naked in a hot tub was not for ulwaful or deviant purposes but a look into the future and the need for legislators to continue the discussion. One naked 15 year old girl at a time. Oh and he most likely explained how necessary daily bathing is to your future. All hail Kevin Garn the visionary.

Elderchristenson said...

 It's "Hot Tub Time Machine", blackrulon:

Posthumous Mormon Baptism - Stephen Colbert

TMDH said...

 Excuse me people.  Kevin Garn merely dipped this poor 15-year old girl into his own baptismal font, ie, HotTub.

Let's get real, people.

Dan S. said...

Perhaps you didn't get the memo, OL:  Education is a liberal conspiracy.

bgiiiheartsroyal said...

These obese white Mormon republicans are really closeted about THE GAY. Maybe they can pray and-or eat it away.

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