Thursday, February 09, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Marriott Up for Auction

Notwithstanding the still pending sheriff's sale, the hotel will reportedly continue to be a Marriott and will operate as usual under a franchise license agreement

As a followup to Tuesday's Weber County Forum story, The Standard-Examiner carries this informative morning story, which fattens out the facts and seems to spell good news for Ogden City's downtown business district:
The good news? "There will be no changes locally" "No one will know the difference," according to Ogden/Weber Convention & Visitors Bureau President Sara Toliver.

The bad news? Nobody seems willing to divulge what sparked this legal action in the first place. Was it just another typical internecine squabble between the various co-partners in this hotel venture, as Ms. Toliver seems to suggest, or does the still-pending Sheriff's levy signal revenue problems within our downtown hotel community, due to overbuilding in the Ogden hotel market?

So many questions... so few answers.

We'll continue to monitor this very interesting story, folks.


Dan S. said...

Our expectations of the Standard-Examiner have dropped pretty low, if we're calling that article "informative".

rudizink said...

 LOL.  So true.

Bob Becker said...

Oh, I don't know. It told us more than we knew before, and if the parties involved are stone walling the press, and they seem to be, there's not a whole lot more to be reported than what's on the public record, and what the parties are willing to say on the record, which seems to be not much. Absent a mole on the inside, not sure what else could have been ferreted out by the SE a mere 48 hours after Weber County Forum first broke the news.

Smaatguy said...

Ferret says keep an eye on SE corner of 24th and Washington

Bob Becker said...

Oh, damn. 8.3 million. I thought it said 8.2.  Now I have to call my broker back and tell him I won't be bidding after all.    

Blackrulon said...

That is still cheaper than the veledrome

Swarmi said...

OK flame me hosers, but it looks like Ogden is going down the toilet.

Here we go said...

It's called free enterprise.  Some businesses live, some die, some change.

Everything would be fine if the local government would stop trying to plan and control everything.

If government planning and spending worked, the USSR would be an economic powerhouse.  The Japanese government planned economy has stagnated for decades, and  the command China economy will soon follow Japan.

One hotel goes up with tax subsidies and another folds.  City planning only moves things around.

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