Saturday, March 17, 2012

Police Make New Allegations Against Ogden Shootout Suspect

A New Attempt to Demonize Defendant Matthew Stewart and Further Poison the Jury Pool?

We're greeted with a whole swarm of 1/4/12 Ogden Shootout stories this morning, as ALL prominent Northern Utah News Media coincidentally and simultanously report on the contents of a search warrant affidavit obtained from Ogden's 2nd District Court. It's almost as if all important Utah print and broadcast media outlets have each other on speed-dial, or it seems to us:

Utah Print Media:
Utah Television Broadcasters:
Shameless cynics as we are, we'll interpret this latest effort to demonize Defendant Matthew Stewart as yet another mendacious attempt on the part of Weber County prosecutors to again poison the potential Northern Utah Utah jury pool, a tactic which could all but guarantee that a fair trial in Weber County, or any other venue in Utah will become a practical impossibility.

Strange, innit, that prosecutors have no apparent hesitation to selectively release this single inflammatory search warrant affidavit, while the "probable cause" affidavit[s] and other documents supporting the original search warrant continue to remain out of public view and "safely" under the prosecution's lock and key?

As we earlier reported, Weber County Attorney Dee Smith is running for Utah State Attorney General this year. Seems like another interesting coincidence, dunnit? Did Smith's campaign "dump" this "single" search warrant affidavit into a publicly available court file and then "tip" the media about it? And what ever happened to the prosecution's "request" for a gag order? Was that just some kind of smoke screen?

In other related news, Fox13 News ran a related story yesterday, reporting that the Matthew Stewart Support Website has finally received state approval to resume the solicitation and ollection of donations:
Yep we double checked. There's that PayPal Donation Button again:
That's it for now WCF Crime Beat wonks.

So many questions and so few answers...

So who'll be the first to throw in their own 2¢?


Jennifer said...

who can trust swat teams, and swat courts to do the right thing? sounds too much like how our government works these days - demonize and destroy! them their excuses to bring misery to millions to feed their cruel agendas and jails

Losers said...

Related story:

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Concerned American said...

anti government material? what is that mean? last time I checked freedom of speech was still legal right? so if I say the government is wholly corrupt and the people of america,who, lets be frank are what makes america . not the government who we elected to represent our interests, not the big corporations  that lobby them. Us. so am I going to go to jail now? are armed men in combat gear going to come and TERRORIZE my family? Is growing/smoking a plant reason enough to come into a mans home with a military style assault team? these are serious ?s we the people need to ask ourselves; Is the government going to far ? Thomas Jefferson warned us of this...

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