Monday, March 19, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Coalition of Utah News Media Serves Public Interest

Democracy works, folks... Use it or Lose It
And we know you pay attention, and so does the Legislature. We heard and saw your response to HB477. Your voice was loud and very clear, and so were your actions. You made us all pay attention. You said, "Don’t turn out the lights. Don’t hide what you do in our name."
When citizens make their voices heard like you did, they live up to the finest traditions and responsibilities of democracy. I hope you feel proud of what you accomplished. It was remarkable. Truly remarkable.

Nancy Conway - Editor, Salt Lake Tribune
Editor’s column: Coalition of Utah news media serves public interest
March 17, 2012

The response was both a concerted campaign by the professionals in the Utah Media Coalition (including The Salt Lake Tribune) and a popular outcry by a great many others, all urging that the law be repealed. In less than a month, it was.

Salt Lake Tribune Editorial
A bright light
March 18, 2012

As the 2012 legislative slips into the realm of history, we'll put the spotlight on two notable Salt Lake Tribune editorials published over the past three days, praising the efforts of everyone from the Utah Media Coalition to individual Utah lumpencitizens for successfully monitoring proposed 2012 legislative bills for accessibility and openness over the full course of the now-adjourned session:
No doubt about it. When withering public scrutiny propels a wacky Utah County GOP legislator like Senator Curt Bramble to behave in such a manner as to actually earn a "Bright Light" award from the media for commitment to open government, that's progress for Utah Democracy, wethinks.

Neck-snapping WCF segue: And while we're on the general topic of what happens politically when steely-eyed Utah lumpencizens speak their minds en masse, to demand sensible and citizen-responsive government solutions to lame and "citizens-be-damned" legislative screw-ups, let's not forget what happened barely three days ago with House Rep. Bill Wright's knuckleheaded HB363:
Democracy works, folks, even here (Utah) the "reddest of all red (neck) states.

Democracy: Use it or lose it.

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