Friday, March 23, 2012

Salt Lake Tribune: Flood of New GOP Delegates May be Good for Orrin Hatch - Updated

Good news is now pouring in for Utah GOP political "moderates" this morning, as the Salt Lake Tribune reports that Utah political wingnuts...

... suddenly lost their creepy grip on Utah GOP political caucuses last week:
Prior to last week's March15 GOP caucuses we urged non-wacko Utah Republicans to attend their party caucuses and "take their party back." Looks to us as if sensible grass-roots Republicans did just that.

We'll leave our lower comments section open, folks, for those ever-savvy Utah Republicans who'd like to comment about their March 15 caucus "experiences."

In fairness, we'll also entertain comments from "certain" Yellow Dog Democrats, of course, if you know what we mean and we think you do.

Update 3/25/12 3:45 p.m.: Excellent Paul Rolly column in yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune, dovetailing nicely with our own WCF observations and analysis:


Ray said...

Not a republican and wasn't at the caucuses but have to wonder how much the "non-partisan" LDS church call for their members to attend their local caucuses contributed to the results?

Bob Becker said...

Little early to be counting those sane Republican  chickens, Rudi.  Let's see if the conventions refuse to renominate any of the whackier state legislators before we start finding sanity resurgent in the Utah GOP.

rudizink said...

Let's just say that "hope springs eternal" and then leave it at that, LOL.

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