Friday, March 16, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Full Slate of Candidates in Weber County

The Standard-Examiner is front and center in reporting on the upcoming 2012 Utah General Election this morning, with a story reporting on the "full slate" of candidates who've filed in Weber County for the various offices up for grabs this election cycle:
Notably, for the first time within recent memory, no Weber County incumbent will stand unopposed this go-round, the Standard reports:
Two Utah House incumbents, Richard Greenwood, R-Roy, and Gage Froerer, R- Huntsville, looked to be unopposed for re-election until literally the last hour Thursday.

But their respective House District 12 and District 8 races drew Democratic challengers just before the close of business Thursday, said Weber County Elections Administrator Jennifer Morrell.
In the aftermath of Tuesday's highly-attended Democratic Party caucuses, it would appear that Weber County Democrats are approaching the 2012 election races with an encouraging new vigor.

Notable among those candidates who came in under the wire for yesterday's filing deadline is former Ogden City police Chief and "retired" one-term State Senator Jon Greiner, whose Commission candidacy we predicted in last week's WCF article. With three public "retirements" now already under his belt, Greiner is poised to become a "quadruple dipper," as he readies for the April 12 Weber County Republican Party Nominating Convention, where he'll attempt to battle it out for Craig Dearden's soon to be vacated Weber County Commission Seat against veteran County GOP warhorse Matt Bell, the current Weber County Republican Party Chairman.

We'll also make note of an important development in the Ogden School Board race, where Weber County Forum reader and past contributor Jim Hutchins has thrown his hat into the ring for the District 5 School Board seat.

Over the course of the next 233 days remaining until the November 6 General election, we'll be closely following the Ogden City School Board races. In recent years, the Ogden City School Board has suffered considerable mission creep, putting what should be the main object of providing robust education to Ogden's City's school children on the back burner, while recklessly sacrificing direly-needed tax increment dollars to equally reckless Ogden City economic development projects. In that connection, we'll be closely following and touting Mr. Hutchins' school board candidacy, and the candidacies of any other Ogden City School Board hopefuls who are likely to exhibit the necessary intelligence, energy and dedication toward restoring as a first priority the goal of excellence in the Ogden City School System .

Keep your eyes on our right sidebar 2012 Election Module, by the way, folks, where within the next day or two we're planning, if all goes well, to begin displaying the full array of election articles, websites, candidate profiles and all other information necessary to assist Weber County voters in making wise decisions for all contested offices in the 2012 Utah General Election races.


Go Neil Go said...

I was thrilled to see Neil Hansen's name among the Leg 9 nominees.  Let's get to work right now,  putting Neil Hansen back into the Utah legislature, where he belongs.

Smaatguy said...

Griener needs to go take a powder....for crying out loud, enough is enough....go spend some time down south in your pad there....

billgIIIheartsroyalandcurt said...

The local electorate is dumg enough to give Godreiner another BS taxpayer-paid job. What a joke. He'll win. If you doubt that, note that proven liar and moron Matt Godfrey was elected three times.

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