Saturday, March 24, 2012

Standard-Examiner: Herbert Agrees to Fight the Feds

The Standard-Examiner shines the spotlight on what passes for "leadership" from the Utah Governor's Office
The Transfer of Public Lands Act requires that the United States extinguish title to public lands and transfer title to those public lands to Utah by a date certain. Under the Gibson case, that requirement would interfere with Congress' power to dispose of public lands. Thus, that requirement, and any attempt by Utah in the future to enforce the requirement, have a high probability of being declared unconstitutional.
Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel
HB 148 Legislative Review Note
February 14, 2012
The state has proven itself time and again to be a bad manager of public lands. ... This is a political stunt. It’s amazing that in one quixotic act they’ve offended the U.S. Constitution, the state constitution and the state’s enabling act.
David Garbett, Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance.
Herbert agrees to fight the feds
March 24, 2012
It’s not a slam dunk, but there is legal reasoning and a rational thought process. But this is the first step in a long journey. There is a lot of education needed to raise awareness.
Utah Governor Gary Herbert
Herbert agrees to fight the feds
March 24, 2012
Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.
H. L. Mencken
The Quotations Page
1880 - 1956

With this morning's latest shining example of Utah GOP silliness, the Standard-Examiner shines the further spotlight on what passes for "leadership" from the Utah Governor's Office:
While Salt Lake City law firms line up in eagerness to reap millions of dollars in fees from the apparently looming federal litigation windfall, Utah taxpayers brace themselves for the "raised awareness" which comes from the prospect of footing the legal bill for a lawsuit which even the Utah Legislature's own lawyers predict to be a dead bang loser from the very get-go.

The world-wide blogosphere sits riveted on the edge of its seat, awaiting your ever-savvy comments in connection with this.


Blackrulon said...

Another great example of the legislature helping to improve the economy and the job market. This will give Utah attorneys on either side of the case full employment for a long rime.  Spending millions to defend a law doomed to failure and the  full time employment of lawyers. Will the state be obligated to pay the lawsuits and associated costs of the people who ultimately file and win the suit opposing this bill?

Dan S. said...

Indeed, this is a political stunt. The real fight is over RS2477 rights of way.

Ray said...

Well, here we go again! Is Herbert trying to appease/pander to the Razika crowd because of his veto of the sex-ed bill by supporting this waste of time, money, and resources? Below is a link from Idaho Statesman outdoor columnist Pete Zimosky which is exactly on point of this issue.

rudizink said...

Good catch, Ray. 

Thanks for the link!

Val Holley said...

Wow. You just have to step back and winch your lower mandible back into place at the Utah legislature's wisdom. What other gesture would go so far in helping Utah hold onto Hill Air Force Base?

rudizink said...

Exactly right, Val.  Watching the lame performance of the Utah State Legislature and Governor on this issue, whilst the Hill Air Force Base "cash cow" sits on the BRAC chopping block, seems weirdly akin to watching the Three Stooges playing Russian Roulette in a fish-bowl.

T.R. Morgan said...

Please everyone go listen/check out Peter Cooke.  I heard him speak last night at the Weber County Democrats' Sawbuck Dinner.  What a remarkable difference!  It is time for leadership with a vision for the people of Utah.

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