Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday Morning Weber County Forum News Roundup

A few interesting items assembled this morning whilst Googling, on an otherwise S-L-O-O-W news day

Here are four (count-em 4) interesting items for our readers' consumption this morning, submitted in the interest of inspiring a little WCF discussion:

1) Just as predicted by WCF Reader Official City Hall Souse yesterday morning, and subsequently confirmed by Dan Schroeder during last night's marathon City Council Live Blogging session, the Standard-Examiner now reports that 26-year OPD veteran Mike Ashment has been selected by the Caldwell administration, and was last night appointed by the City Council, to fill the permanent position of Ogden City Chief of Police, which has been vacant since Chief Jon Greiner's 12/28/12 "retirement":
Looks like a great pick to us; but what say our readers about this?

2) The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Senator Mike Lee is up to his old tricks, i.e., basically "[t]hreatening to hold his breath until he turns blue and faints, falling down on the floor screeching and squalling and pounding his fists and feet," like a two-year-old who didn't get his way:
Can we see by a show of hands how many of our gentle readers are proud to have this guy representing the State of Utah in the U.S. Senate?

3) The Standard provides this thought provocative Letter to the Editor, for our Weber County Forum friends who are planning to attend tomorrow night's GOP Neighborhood Caucuses:
We're no big fans of Orrin Hatch, we'll disclose, but remember Hatch's Senate seniority. If tomorrow night's GOP caucus attendees are short sighted enough to replace Orrin with Davis County corporatist Dan Liljenquist, or any other unproven newcomer for that matter, we'll be stuck with yet another "freshman" Senate "new kid on the block" (like Mike Lee); and you can bet your boots the chances of the Hill Air Force Base local economic "cash cow" will have a heightened chance of being placed on the BRAC "chopping block." Something to think about for would-be Weber County GOP political apparatchiks... at least those who DO actually have that capacity.

4) The Tribune caries an informative story this morning, outlining the differences between nut-case House Rep. Bill Wright, R-Holden's ill-conceived HB363 and the current law:
Gotta say we loved this Bill Wright quote, by the way, "Homosexuality does not relate to sexuality. It’s a whole different thing." This Wright guy obviously knows what he's talking about, right?

This idiotic bill hasn't been signed into law by Governor Herbert by the way folks; and "the governor likely won’t make a decision on whether to sign the bill into law until next week," the Trib reports. In the meantime, angry Utah citizens are raising quite a ruckus about this bill:

"[The bill] has spurred much of the opposition to HB363 — including veto requests from the Utah PTA, the Utah Education Association and nearly 40,000 people who had signed an online petition as of Tuesday afternoon," according to Trib reporter Lisa Schencker.

In that connection, we'll helpfully provide links to both the online petition and Governor Herbert's web-based email contact page, for those of you who haven't yet gotten around to giving the Good Guv an "earful" quite yet:
Remember folks; be firm... but extra polite.


Bob Becker said...

since Chief Jon Greiner's 12/28/12 "retirement":

Ah, shouldn't that be "since Chief Greiner's re-retirement"?

Ogden Lover said...

Re: #3. Just another Eagle Forum attempt to keep Utah women pregnant and barefoot. Literally. In today's economy, their second (albeit underpaid) income is needed to keep everyone in shoes.

Ogden Valley said...

We think Mike Ashment is the perfect choice, although we may be a bit biased toward our own Ogden Valleyites.

AWM said...

Re #3:  Rudizink, according to Hatch and his loyalists, there is ALWAYS a reason that Utah needs him.  The man has one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel.  Sooner or later (hopefully sooner) HAFB will need to learn to get along without him. I'd rather stand in a soup line than have Lord Hatch feed me and northern Utah from the government teet for another term.  The man has zero integrity.  He chided his predecessor for being in congress for 18 years by stating ""What do you call a Senator who’s served in office for 18 years? You call him home." [ and he himself has been there for 35+.  He's enriched himselfwith millions of dollars over the years and now has the gall to state Utah can't get by without him. We'll be here long AFTER Orin has the life support equipment disconnected.  Best we get moving towards the future TOMORROW. 

rudizink said...

 I hear what you're saying, AWM, but can you show me a GOP candidate
who'd be a good replacement for Hatch?  Please don't mention the
corporo-fascist Dan Lijenquist, whom,  as  regular WCF readers will
recall, was the arrogant bastid who took the side of his Davis County
developer clients in 2010, and pulled every trick in the book to kill
Gage Froerer's HB218, the bill that was designed to allow the people of
the proposed Powder Mountain Town to decide for themselves, whether
they'd be included as vassals in a town at the time set up solely to
promote the Powder Mountain resort's own greedhead interests. We in
Weber County got a pretty good "long look" at Liljenquist not so long
ago; and those who were paying attention at the time didn't much like
what we saw in Liljenquist.

In my never humble interest, the election of Liljenquist would be the
political equivalent of jumping out of the frying pan into the fire,
politically speaking.  Although Hatch hasn't always played by the "tea
party" playbook, the election of Liljenquist would be an unmitigated
disaster for Utahns looking for a Senator who'd be a champion of
anything resembling individual liberty.

Yeah, I know you've been constantly repeating the mantra, "Ditch Hatch"
for quite some time.   I've been muttering the same myself for longer
than most people around these parts.  Ironically however I'm not seeing a
suitable replacement stepping up to the plate.  All I'm seeing is this
arrogant Liljenquist person, another wacko Davis County Republican in
the wacked out mold of Paul Ray or Kevin Garn. What I'm seeing in
Liljenquist's demonstrated corporatist/anti liberty philosophy makes
Orrin Hatch look like "the man of the people."

I'm a pragmatist, not an ideologue, AWM.  And at this point,
practically speaking, I'll continue advocating for keeping the "devil we
know," the man with 36 years' Senate seniority, rather than blindly
jumping aboard the bandwagon of "the devil we don't."

And look where all Liljenquist's money is coming from, i.e., an out of state super Pac. Do you like that, AWM? If you give a damn about local sovereignty, you wouldn't. Do you like being led around by the nose by out-of-state corporate interests?  I certainly don't.

AWM said...

Rudi, You implying that Lord Orin's SIZABLE war chest came mostly from INSIDE the borders of Utah?...seriously?  5 minutes ago I saw one of his ads with him standing with his arms crossed trying to look stern or defiant and the print said something about taking DC back.  Reminded me of an old Wizard of Id strip were Sir Rodney came running up to the King on the ramparts all frantic and said "The peasants are revolting!!!!" and the King replied "They most certainly are, they most certainly are" as he peered down into the town. Lord Orin had that same look the king did.  Our political system was never designed for these homesteaders. Decades of residence in Washington breeds contempt for the folks back home. Remember J.V. Hansen?  Wanted a varience from his city council because he thought he deserved a larger headstone than the folks that voted for him due of his political accomplishments? If HAFB folds I have as much to lose as anybody as a resident of N. Utah.  I'm an AMERICAN! and if my recollection of history is corrrect we did away with the ruling aristocracy in 1776. I WILL NOT BE RULED or LORDED over.  I'll take my chances with anybody else!

rudizink said...

 LOL.  The corporatist Liljenquist is a non-starter, AFAIC, as in my view, corporo-fascism is the biggest threat to American liberty today. Although I'd
love to see Hatch retired, Liljenquist just doesn't cut the mustard.  You will not be "lorded over"?  Whattaya's think Freedomworks is doing to you?

AWM said...

Freedom Works?  Don't much pay attention to what they or anybody else say.  Hatch has been in the club house for 35 years.  That number is TWICE as long as the guy he said needed to come home from DC @ 18.  It's timehe cleans out the locker and I wouldn't care if Eric Kartmann from South Park was running against him , he'd have my vote.

rudizink said...

 Anybody but Hatch?


I'd suggest that you learn a liitle more about that corporatist tool Liljenquist...


AWM said...

Rudi...couldn't reply to your "ANYBODY but HATCH?" below.  OK, if you'd want to split hairs i'd vote for Hatch if the other option was Godfrey.  But that is the ONLY exception.

rudizink said...

 LOL.  Glad to find out you have at least some standards, however minimal :-)

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