Saturday, March 17, 2012

Breaking: Herbert Vetoes Sex-ed bill, Says It Constricts Parental Choice

The lumpencitizens complained by the thousands, and Governor Gary paid heed... imagine that!

Great news from the Governor's Office this morning, from which the Deseret News, Salt Lake Tribune and the Standard-Examiner all report that Utah Governor Gary Herbert has listened to the folks complaining about the idiocy of the 2012 Utah bill which "would have prohibited Utah teachers from instructing students about contraceptives, premarital sex or homosexuality" and wielded his veto pen late Friday, driving a stake through the heart of nutcase House Rep. Bill Wright's HB363 once and for all:
The lumpencitizens complained by the thousands, and Governor Gary paid heed.

Imagine that!

Chalk it up as yet another victory for steely-eyed, grass-roots citizen activism.


blackrulon said...

I find it interesting that Governor Herbert spent time on Friday afternoon explaining to Gayle Rucizka why he was vetoing the bill. Why is he taking time out to talk to her. He should consult with legislative sponsors but not with a unelected self appointed spokesperson.

Thank_you_Herbert said...

It is nice when someone in our gov't actually listens to the citizens.  The sponsor of the bill knew that most people didn't want it and thought it was idiotic, but he didn't care.  I hope those in his district care about his re-election as much as he cared about their opinion.

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