Wednesday, March 28, 2012

War On Words: NYC Dept. Of Education Wants 50 ‘Forbidden’ Words Banned From Standardized Tests


By: Bob Becker

You're not going to believe it. No, it is NOT an "Onion" story.

This list the bastard child of the harlot of Faith Based Ignorance and the
strumpet of Touchy-Feely-Group-Groperism. The former got "evolution" on the list, and the latter got "slavery" there:


blackrulon said...

A list of words that only a mime could fully appreciate

Ogden Lover said...

Growing up as a product of the  NYC public school system, I was exposed to just about all the forbidden words either as words or as the actual entity.  

Diversity is the strength of New York and while I could see this being acceptable somewhere in the boonies of Montana, I just can't see it in NY where people learn to be incredibly resiliant.

Bob Becker said...

PS 164 Brooklyn kid here. And I don't recall such touchy-feely nonsense either. Hell, we had atomic bomb drills at PS 164... and we knew what they were. Teachers talked about them, and when the sirens went off, we all trooped into the hallways and sat with our backs against the hall walls, heads down forward with our arms crossed over them.  What exactly that was going to accomplish if the Russians dropped The Bomb on Brooklyn I don't know, but we had the drills, and they were called atomic bomb drills.  Nobody worried, as I recall, that our delicate little psyches would be scarred for ever by the very words.

Bob Becker said...

As for drugs, we got to watch classics in school like "Reefer Madness." As for religious holidays, on my block the High Holy Days were almost as public moatters as Christmas. Hassidic Jews, Orthodox Jews, Reform Jews, Irish Catholics, Italian Catholics all part of the mix, and the kids of all very aware of the religious calendar of the others. Didn't seem to upset us.

AWM said...

OL. I've been to the boonies in Montana pushin cattle down a fenceline north of Glagow with the in-laws. 28 below not counting windchill.  Some pretty resilient stock up there too. And no, I doubt the locals would accept it there. I'd lay down even money that if that was presented to any burg up there north of Highway 2 that it be a dice roll of wether you'd be beat to within an inch of your life, run out of town nakit, or shot dead outright. Common sense is not dependant on diversity or any point on the map.  Although you could make a case that the further east you go.....

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