Saturday, January 26, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah Attorney General John Swallow Under Investigation, Feds Confirm

Swallow: "I'm happy the U.S. attorney is investigating the baseless allegations against me."

In the aftermath of last week's in-depth Salt Lake Tribune article series concerning Utah Attorney General John Swallow, who stands accused of participation in a 2010 congressional bribery scheme, the Trib reveals this morning something we already suspected, that Swallow is the "subject of an ongoing investigation by the Department of Justice and the FBI.":
"Swallow said in a statement Friday that he is happy the U.S. attorney is investigating 'the baseless allegations against me.'"  For the time being, we'll have to take his word for that, we guess.

Needless to say, we'll be sitting on the edge of our seats, waiting to see how this DOJ probe shakes out. 

Update 1/26/12 9:22 a.m.:  Thanks to a tip from one of our gentle readers, here's a video report on this topic from KSL News:

Comments, anyone?


Danny said...

Given that the Obama administration has run interference for Wall Street fat cats, insuring that not a single one of them has been indicted for the historic mortgage fraud of the last few years, we need only ask, "Does Swallow have an 'in' with the US Justice Department, or not?"

See the wonderful video below to find out how things work.

It's not what you DO that gets you into trouble, it's who your FRIENDS are.  Swallow (and lots of other Utah politicians) have all the connections they need locally to cover up their crimes.  But do they have the needed national connections too?

rudizink said...

 Fantastic link, Danny.  Thanks!

blackrulon said...

John Swallon just followed the example of former Senator Bob Bennet. While Bennet had to wait 2 years to become a official lobbyist Swallow just skipped the retirement requirement law to sell his soul for the almight dollar.

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