Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: Raid Inquiry Leaves Questions

To our own sensibilities, a proper examination of this matter somehow seems unfinished

Mainly for the sake of archival consistency, we'll put the focus on yesterday's Standard-Examiner editorial, the latest item from the S-E editorial board concerning the botched 12/20/12 Hill Family arrest warrant raid, in which the Standard comments on Ogden Police Chief Mike Ashment's newly released internal investigation report, and opines that "[a]s to what actually occurred on Dec. 20, questions remain":
The Standard frames the post-investigation situation thusly:
The Ogden Police Department’s internal investigation into a botched raid by its officers that threatened a family, including two young girls, leaves questions unanswered. People who are already skeptical of the Ogden police will not be convinced by the internal investigation, which finds no violation of policy but calls for changes in its policy.
In non-bureaucratic speak, what that means is that the policy that led officers to terrify an innocent family in the early hours of the morning was really poor.
Gotta confess we were more than a mite amused and impressed by WCF reader Blackrulon's characterization on the S-E comments board, which pretty much expresses the same point, but with slightly more brevity, elegance and artistic flair:
It appears that the response by Mayor Caldwell and the Ogden police department is "we didn't do anything wrong but we promise not to do it again".
"One question: why were law enforcement officers following a policy that did not prioritize those procedures already?" the Standard-Examiner asks.

Good question, wethinks.  And just to stir the pot, we'll toss in a few of our own:
  • Have we reached the end of the line with Mayor Caldwell's inquiry?  
  • Is Chief Ashment's report, and the various associated nuts-and-bolts policy changes now newly-enacted by the OPD all that a concerned Ogden City citizenry's gonna get from here on out?  
  • What about the possible further independent investigative inquiries Mayor Caldwell earlier hinted about?
  • And even assuming that no OPD policies were violated, does that rule out a finding of individual civil culpability/liability on the part of one or more involved OPD agents under general civil principles of  negligence?
So what about it folks? What other questions regarding this matter yet remain unaddressed? To our own sensibilities, a proper examination of this matter somehow seems unfinished. That means, we suppose, that we agree with the Standard-Examiner on this.

Sodden thought:  Perhaps we'll have to await the inevitable Hill family lawsuit to have some of the other unanswered questions flushed out.


rudizink said...

Thumbs up t0 Our WCF Friend Blackrulon!

Smaatguy said...

Don't hold yer breathe...the city is done with this issue in their mind.... nothing to see here... move it along folks.

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