Sunday, September 29, 2013

2014 Utah General Election: Ogden Doctor to Challenge Rep. Bishop for Congressional Seat

Tantalizing question:  Will there soon be "a 'Doctor' in the House" in 2015?

A full thirteen months in advance of the 2014 General Elections, Utah's upcoming First Congressional District race is already heating up, as Ogden Physician Dr. Peter Clemens announced at a Friday (9/27/13) fundraiser that he'll be "running" for Republican Congressman Rob Bishop's U.S. House "seat," under the Democratic party banner:
Those WCF readers who are social networking-inclined can follow Dr. Clemens campaign via Facebook and Twitter:
We also find the rudiments of an under-construction website online, for those WCF readers who'd like to volunteer and/or make an early campaign contribution:
As we've learned the hard way, getting at the wily Congressman Bishop's House Seat is easier said than done.

A Weber County Tip O' the Hat to the good Dr. Clemens for getting the ball rolling early, along with best wishes for a robust and competitive campaign.

Tantalizing question:  Will there be "a 'Doctor' in the House" in 2015?

You know. A trained physician who can capably operate a proctoscope?

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Ray said...

Hard to defeat an incumbent, doubly hard in Utah as a Democrat but it would be nice to not hear the Bishop bluster anymore...

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