Saturday, September 28, 2013

WSU Homecoming Game Day Thread: Weber State U. Hosts Sacramento State - Updated

Lets all doll up in purple, get out to Stewart Stadium and "put some butts into some seats"

Big doings today on the Weber State campus, where our (1-3) Weber State Wildcats  will square off this evening versus Big Sky Conference opponent Sacramento State Hornets (1-3) for each team's first 2013 Big Sky Conference gridiron battle.  Notably, the "Wildcats hope to end a three-game losing streak that coincides with three difficult road games," and "[t}he angry Hornets are looking to create some buzz for themselves after losing a heartbreaker in overtime last week to Southern Utah."

Kickoff is set for 6 p.m. at Stewart Stadium.  Hopefully, rabid WSU fans will show up in force, on a day which is shaping up for perfect football weather. Adding further excitement to tonight's gridiron tilt:  It's  WSU Homecoming Week, folks!

The Standard-Examiner has a couple pre-game stories, of course, just to set the mood:
And here's a little something from the Deseret News:
Even KSL News is getting into the act:
Here's the pregame viewpoint from the Sacramento Bee, the Hornets' home town newspaper, wherein we find this dismal historical stat: "Ogden, Utah, is a place where the Hornets are 0-8." :
If the Vegas odds provide any real "guidance," it looks like this actually may prove to be a pretty competitive football contest, one worth watching, although for the fourth week running, our Wildcats remain "underdogs" (slightly, at least):

Click to enlarge image
Big Sky TV is back in action tonight with this live video feed, featuring Carl Arkey:
You can catch the live streaming audio here, of course:
Our "Purple Posse" desperately need your support this week; so what say you? Lets all skip the live broadcasts, doll up in purple, get out to Stewart Stadium and "put some butts into some seats" for once, at least. No lame excuses, please.

See ya's at Stewart Stadium.

Update 9/29/13 7:18 p.m.:  Hornets lead 14-0 at the half, thanks to a multitude of dumb WSU penalties and turnovers.  "It coulda beeen worse," Carl Arkey remarks, when Sac State muffs an easy 39-yard field goal as the halftime clock runs out.

Update 9/29/13 8:45 p.m.:  Final score, Sac State 31, WSU 3. Sacramento State comes out on top @ Stewart Stadium for the first time EVER.  Looks like it'll be a l-o-o-o-n-g conference season, Wildcats fans.

Update 9/30/13 7:00 a.m.: The Standard's Roy Burton provides two scathing post-game stories, brimming with frustration:
"Time for some big changes or the program might not survive," opines one disgruntled Wildcats fan.

Update 9/30/13 6:15 a.m.: More naval gazing  from the Standard's Roy Burton:


Bleeding Purple said...

If WSU doesn't whip Sac State tonight, Coach Sears should start looking for a new job!

rudizink said...

WSU Dowm 14-0. and now comes the halftime show!

rudizink said...

Sac State over our "Cats, 21-Zip.

rudizink said...

WSU finally gets on the board with a 42-yard field goal!

rudizink said...

Sac State again scores easily again on a 40-yard slant route. Sac State 28, WSU 3... giving us a definite sense of deja vu.

Ogden Lover said...

I went to a sports-free college in the middle of Manhattan so maybe I just don't understand. It was explained to me that football programs are needed to bring in revenue from alumni donations and are thus sacred. In the case of WSU, all I can say is "really?" How about taking the big $ being wasted on WSU football and using it for scholarships for needy students? We have a dynamite men's basketball program, who needs a football program that is an annual embarassment?

rudizink said...

We'll no doubt be hearing more discussion in this vein, OL, in the event our WSU Wildcats can't soon "right the ship."

John said...

Who cares? Football sucks! And Weber State Football really sucks!

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