Monday, September 30, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Mansions May Be Coming to Ogden's Riverside

Mayor Caldwell and the Ogden RDA: Clearly "on mission" with the primary Ogden RDA raison d'etre

Eye-opening morning story from the Standard-Examiner concerning the latest Mike Caldwell Administration/ Ogden Redevelopment Agency "tweak" to the still-struggling Ogden River Project:
OGDEN — Large mansion homes along the Ogden River? They could be coming, and the city says they would help clean up what has been one of the city’s rougher areas.
The city council last week approved a city real estate purchase of 4.16 acres at 1810 Gibson Ave. The Ogden City Redevelopment Agency bought the land from Richard L. Christiansen and paid $425,000 for it.
The parcel of land could be the starting point for a large residential development of about 10 acres along the northwestern end of the Ogden River.
As of now, the city is calling the development “Gibson Grove,” and it would feature town homes, condos and several “mansion homes” that would be tucked away at the end of a private road with immediate connection to the Ogden River Parkway.
The plan currently calls for 48 condos, 39 town homes and five mansions.
Read up, folks:
And here's the kicker:
On the very site of what could eventually be Gibson Grove sits an abandoned building that provides shelter to transients. Ogden Police Officer Kevin Mann said he finds transients illegally camping out in the building on a weekly basis.
Brandon Cooper, deputy manager for Ogden’s economic development department, said the city is currently exploring options to raze the building.
"An abandoned building that provides shelter to transients?"  S-E reporter Mitch Shaw said a "real mouthful" there, wethinks.  In this connection, check out this illuminating video from and earlier S-E story on this Gibson Avenue topic:

Added Bonus:  From last week's RDA packet, we've gleaned this image, which preasumably provides a preview of what these proposed Gibson Grove "mansions" will look like, within walking distance of the newly remodeled Ogden LDS Temple:

While we suppose we could all quibble about the architectural aesthetics, we believe we can all agree that it's a heckuva lot better than the structure which is presently in place, right?

The primary raison d'etre for the Ogden Redevelopment Agency is to "encourage private investment in blighted areas of the community;" and Mayor Caldwell and the Ogden RDA are thus clearly "on mission" with this project, we believe. In contrast with certain other misguided Ogden RDA projects which have been clearly "off mission," Weber County Forum is delighted to give this project a giant "thumbs-up."

So what about it, O Gentle Ones? Is there anyone among our collection of Ogden political wonks who will argue that Ogden City ought not pursue this project at full throttle? 


Chris said...

My concern would be that river users be given access to the river up to the High water mark so the river does not become off limits in these area. As a result of legislation passed three years ago you an not allowed to wade or even paddle against the current in the river if it's considered private property

James Humphreys said...

It seems unlikely they would give river area itself over to the landowners in a new development. There are 2 kayak put in and pull spaces in the area. One at the Ogden River in the Riverbed project area and one along the Weber near the 24th viaduct. And potential one more near the confluence. Given that the area was already developed to be for public use along that route, it seems unlikely the city would want to mess up their own current project. We should watch though, just to be sure.

blackrulon said...

Property being developed that near to the river. Just another golden opportunity to sell the potentional of having the other type of gondola as an incentive to build and buy in the area.

smaatguy said...

you can thank your local state reps for supporting that legislation...oh, with no conflict of interest either...cough cough...AKA Gage Froerer for one and his private stretch of the South Fork River....and the Farm Bureau was big time behind it too...FOLLOW THE MONEY!

nofakirspleez said...

This just proves once again that you know nothing about Ogden City politics, Mr, James.

One more reason to Support Stephen Thompson, and not your bumbling candidate, Mz. White.

James Humphreys said...

Well that was an unqualified comment with no substance. At least I am here as myself and not hiding behind some fake name and taking responsibility for my comments. Next time try and explain why you think something. I have been involved in Ogden politics for nearly 20 years. I know most of the players quite well. what do you know?

nofakirspleez said...

Oh Pul-ease James, you're just the latest to try to shove a well-financed and "chosen" Ogden Council candidate down the Ogden lumpencitizens" throats.

James Humphreys said...

I am glad you think so highly about Ogden residents. I am also glad you failed again to say anything of value. It is interesting how you pull a candidate I support into a conversation about redevelopment that I support, that Marcia has said nothing about. Misdirection and deception. Again, no facts, still hiding behind a fake name and still no justification for your opinion. You offer nothing of value. Oddly, the moderator, Rudi actually likes this project too. Not that it should not be scrutinized, but you come after me and only want to support a candidate of your own with no facts and no contradictory information. (Insert Sarcasm) Hmm, I don't see political motivation there.

Bob Becker said...

The candidate is standing for election. The polls will be open to all registered voters. If they don't want his candidate to win, voters can vote otherwise. Losing an election does not constitute having the winner "shoved down the public's throat," unless election fraud or vote-rigging is going on. If you have any evidence that that's happening, make it known. So far you've offered none.

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