Saturday, September 14, 2013

WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State at Utah State

Standing on the electronic sidelines, keeping our fingers crossed

Our Weber State Wildcats definitely have their hands full this evening, as they travel to Merlin Olsen Field at Romney Stadium, where the Utah State Aggies will play host in the Aggies home-opener. Game kicks off at 6:00 p.m., Wildcats (and Aggies) fans. Yep, folks, our valiant Wildcats football squad take the field against an FBS powerhouse this evening, for the second week running.

The local print media have been all over this story this week, so here's the pregame lowdown from the Standard and the Trib: 
Needless to say, with USU quarterback Chuckie Keeton actively in the hunt for a Heisman Trophy, this story angle has also provoked plenty of extra pre-game hype
And here's another interesting story angle, focused on several WSU Coaching "alums" who now fill the USU coaching ranks:
Embedded below we provide the "Live Odds, Pointspread & Totals" via Yahoo! Sports

Click to enlarge image
39 point underdogs?  Ouch!

And for those videophiles among us with a cable or satellite subscription, here's the video feed.  (Select WSU v. USU in the right panel):
Failing that, you can also catch the live audio via the Cats' and Aggies' "flagship" radio stations of course:
No, we're not expecting miracles, WSU fans; but we'll be standing on the electronic sidelines, keeping our fingers crossed. A respectable performance and no injuries; that's all we ask... although a miracle wouldn't be half-bad either.

Keeping our fingers crossed

PAX VOBISCUM, everyone (except for the Aggies Football Team)!

Update 9/14/13 5:28 p.m.:  Hot off the press from the Standard:
Comments, anyone?

Update 9/14/13 9:10 p.m.:  Final score:  Utah State 70, Weber State 6.

Update 9/15/13 6:30 a.m.: The Standard provides the post-game story and stats:


Monsignor Fitzgerald said...

"Victoriam publicam Weber"

rudizink said...

ESPN3 is now broadcasting through the above-linked video link!

rudizink said...

Stop the presses! With 3:00 left in the first quarter, and the score USU 49, WSU 0, the Wildcats get a first down!!!

rudizink said...

Yoicks! First half stats ain't so hot:

smaatguy said...

Oii...70 twice in a row....

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