Saturday, September 07, 2013

Weber State Wildcats Game Day Thread: WSU Faces Off Against Utah at Noon - Updated

Although we suppose we could simply "write this game off," we'll be keeping our fingers crossed, bearing in mind that collegiate football upsets do happen.

Here we go, college football fans. Get ready for this afternoon's "big" intra-state "rivalry" game, where our home-town underdog Big Sky Conference Weber State Wildcats (1-0) valiantly square off against the Pac-12's Utah Utes (1-0)  in a classic mis-match(?) set for kickoff in Rice-Eccles Stadium at noon.

There's not much in the way of pre-game hype this week folks, but here's the pre-game skinny, wherein the Standard-Examiner's Roy Burton talks about dang near everything but the teams' comparative strengths :
Here is the "live" morning "line" via Yahoo Sports, not the kind of stuff to "gladden" Wildcats fans' hearts:

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Although we suppose we could "write this this game off" as a typical (dare we say "grubby?") pre-conference schedule "business transaction," wherein Utah has merely scheduled a "win," and Weber State stands to "bank" a giant wad of that Pac-12 cash, we'll be keeping our fingers crossed, bearing in mind that collegiate football upsets do happen.

The game will be broadcast on the Pac-12 network, lending WSU some hopefully respectable "national" exposure.

And here are the two "live" online audio feeds, for 'Cats and Utes fans who refuse to be "glued to the tube." The "home" team broadcast, with Carl Arkey, is now back at KLO radio (where it belongs) and please take note that KALL radio's ever-excellent pre-game "game kickoff" broadcast is even now in progress:
The floor's open, O Rabid Wildcats fans, for your remarks and snarky comments before, during and after today's "big" intra-state gridiron clash.

Update 9/7/13 5:00 p.m.:  Final score, Utes 70, Wildcats 7.  The Standard has the story:
Update 9/8/13 6:30 a.m.:  More navel-gazing from the Standard's Jim Burton:
Update 9/9/13 5:30 a.m.:  Still more soul-searching from the Standard's Jim Burton:


James Humphreys said...

Let's go 'cats!

Not Gay said...

Gawd, am i glad to admit to admit I love Carl Arkey

rudizink said...

Oh, Dang, WSU loyalists.

"Big dumb" Utah Quarterback Wilson just ran 45-yards for a TD!

James Humphreys said...

It's hurts, yes

rudizink said...

Yeah. and it all went downhill from there. ;-(

smaatguy said... heart was with the Wildcats, but my wampum was with the Utes....spend a lot of dough at both....

Bob Becker said...

They had more speed at very nearly every position on both sides of the ball. Not a whole lot you can do to counter that over the whole course of a game.

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