Friday, September 20, 2013

Alternate Reality Department: Ogden School Board Renews Superintendent's Contract for Two Years

The knuckle-headed Ogden School Board crosses over into... The Twilight Zone

Alternate Reality Dept.
Some stories we read in the Standard-Examiner simply defy rational explanation. Try this one on for size, O Gentle Ones:
Bob Becker "nails it," down in the S-E comments section:
So, the CEO of OSD got $50k in bonuses while laying off school librarians and over-crowding classrooms. This is the Lehman Brothers model of executive compensation. This school board would likely have voted the Captain of the Titanic a fat bonus as they scrambled aboard the lifeboats.
We're filing this one under the topic label "Alternate Reality Department," inasmuch as the knuckle-headed Ogden School Board has clearly crossed over into... The Twilight Zone.

As school board elections approach in November of 2014, the lumpencitizens of Ogden City certainly have their work cut out for themselves, no?

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