Monday, September 23, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Utah GOP Chairman: Count My Vote Will Prevail if Party Fights Change

The oderiferous essense: Average Utah lumpencitizens are simply too danged dumb to nominate their own candidates via a Direct Primary Nomination System

The Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Utah GOP Central Committee, the month-to-month governing body of the Utah Republican Party, met Saturday (9/21/13) to plot their strategy to fight against the "Count My Vote" initiative, among other things.

Party Chair James Evans took a "pragmatic" view, and lectured the gathered Central Committee  that if Utah's "ruling" party continues to "fight change," the Utah Caucus Nomination System is doomed:
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These "elite" Utah Republican Party political aparatchiks again took no action to address this looming issue, of course.

Remember, folks, "elite" Utah caucus-elected convention delegates are smarter and better informed than you.  When you distill the Utah GOP argument down to its basic oderiferous essense, average Utah lumpencitizens are simply too danged dumb to nominate their own candidates via a Direct Primary Nomination System.


Update 9/23/13 10:06 a.m.: Fascinating Deseret News commentary this morning from Bob Bennett, who was ousted in a recent Utah "nomination primary." Here's his take, in a nutshell, for what it's worth:
Set aside the question of whether or not these choices were wise ones; my point is that the current closed convention/primary structure does not shield the process from the power of political money.
Read up:
Bennett's right; and he would know, no?

Update: 12:47 P.M 1250 PM:  Somebody  please  "esplain" why the main local discussion of this issue seems to be happening on Facebook, and not on Weber County Forum.

If you don't use it; you will lose it, in Re WCF, as the old saying goes


blackrulon said...

Interesting if confusing GOP message. They say I am not smart enough or informed enough to make a selection in a direct primary election. But suddenly i become smarter and better informed enough to make a choice in the general electioin.

Ogden Lover said...

Have you ever attended a meeting and felt that the important decisions were made ahead of time and you were simply there for window dressing? General elections avoid that, caucuses don't.

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