Friday, September 27, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Our View: GOP Should Heed ‘Count My Vote’ - Updated

A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the Standard-Examiner for unequivocally standing up on this issue
“Count My Vote,” ...would do away with the caucus and allow all candidates to move to a primary. We believe a primary is the most inclusive system. The caucuses are a reflection of citizen populism, and that has been a positive. However, the caucus system also prevents many from having a voice in choosing their party’s candidate. And the low percentage of voters in recent elections may be a reflection of the state caucuses being dominated by political factions which are outside the mainstream. Utah should join most of the nation in implementing a primary voting system.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: GOP should heed ‘Count My Vote’
September 27, 2013
Minor modifications to the caucus system by the state Republican Party probably won’t be enough to sway voters to retain the current caucuses.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: GOP should heed ‘Count My Vote’
September 27, 2013

Top-notch editorial from the Standard-Examiner, leaping aboard the Count My Vote bandwagon, and joining with Weber County Forum in leading the charge amongst the Utah print and online media to replace Utah's bizarre and un-democratic caucus/convention nomination system with a sensible and citizen-inclusive procedure, whereby each Utah lumpencitizen can actively participate in the candidate nomination process with their own direct primary vote:
We'll be standing by, waiting for other Utah media opinion leaders to follow suit.

Special note to the Utah Eagle Forum and their radical ilk, who are now on the verge of becoming an endangered Utah species:
Your days of tilting Utah politics toward your narrow and extremist political agenda are numbered.
A Weber County Forum Tip O' the Hat to the Standard-Examiner for unequivocally standing up on this issue.

Update 9/28/13 9:00 a.m.:  Following the lead of the Standard-Examiner, the Deseret News steps forth with this blockbuster editorial, blowing the doors off the argument of the Eagle Forum crowd, i.e., that the current caucus/convention system "mitigates" the influence of "big money" in Utah politics:
Bully for the Deseret News.  We'll be standing by with abated breath, of course, to hear something similar from the Salt Lake Tribune


Ray said...

Well perhaps this will be the end of wing nuts Lee and Chavetz and prevent wing nut in waiting Mia Love...

Danny said...

Personally I like the tea party people. As far as I can tell, they are some of the only ones who are not bought and paid for by Wall Street. Other than for them, and a few liberals on the other side, both parties are almost identical.

Frankly, these moderates and get-alongs are useless to me. "Bart Blair goes to Washington." I'd like to see some real conservatives and some real liberals in Washington duke it out for what's best for the public. The fights we have now are just for show. In the end, we always get the same thing -more government - in spending and power.

Right now, it's just a decades' long process of the elites draining the middle class. And the middle class scarcely has noticed because the elites have mollified the middle class with easy debt. The whole system is teetering. I can't wait to see the leaders who emerge when it all collapses.

rudizink said...

Another endangered species:

blackrulon said...

The Deseret News has also posted an editorial in its Saturday September 28, 2014 print edition supporting the Count My Vote proposal.

rudizink said...


rudizink said...

Sac State scores a field goal, increases the lead to 31-3. I'm starting to feel sorry for Carl Arkey, who's still "keeping his chin up."

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