Sunday, April 27, 2014

Utah Elections 2014: Democratic and Republican Party Post-Convention Reports - Updated

Several 2014 Utah political sub-plots which will be interesting to watch

The Standard-Examiner is front and center this morning, reporting on the results of yesterday's Utah Democratic and Republican state conventions. In the Utah Congressional District 1 race, Demo and GOP party delegates have set up a rematch between Donna McAleer and Rob Bishop respectively, mirroring the 2012 1st District race:
Will the second go-round prove to be the charm for McAleer?  We guess we'll soon find out.

In the State Attorney General's race, GOP nominee Sean Reyes will face a challenge from Democratic Party nominee Charles Stormont, currently a civil litigator in Reyes' own AG office, setting up a contest which is bound to ratchet up intra-office tension:
A smart career move on Stormont's part? This contest ought to provide some very interesting discussion around the AG office water-cooler, if nothing else.

And in a move which we'll characterize as a demonstration of exceedingly bad sportsmanship, it seems that the GOP crackpot faction ram-rodded through a convention resolution which would, if successful, reverse the landmark "Count My Vote" legislative compromise achieved during the 2014 Utah legislative session, which broke the GOP "extremist" nominations stranglehold, and  statutorily established a sensible two-track system for Utah political nominations:  
In the wake of the passage of this resolution, state GOP leadership remains "cagey" about precisely how this revisionary tactic would be implemented.  Nevertheless, we're sure that everybody will agree that the development of this story will be interesting to watch.

Update 4/28/14 9:15 a.m.:  Better late than never, Fox News 13 provides a post-convention report on this year's state level Utah Libertarian candidates:
Utah State Libertarian Party Chairman Courtney White was pleased by the results, stating, “I’m excited about the slate of candidates we nominated today. Each of them brings something special to the table, and all are dedicated to protecting the liberty of their constituents.”

For the record, your blogmeister believes that our Libertarian WCF friend, Mr. White, "gets it" exactly right.


    Aaron J. said...

    Reyes comes out as a box of rocks playing patsy to the same loser agends taking out John Swallowed...

    Adjustable Spanner said...

    In a race that features two guys from within the current AG's office, the only option to clean the table is W. Andrew McCullough, the Libertarian candidate.

    rudizink said...

    My exact thought!

    lawyerslc said...

    Just think if the media and sponsors of candidate debates had given the public good accessible information about Libertarian candidate Andrew McCullough--we might never have elected John Swallow. Or be spending taxpayer money fighting GLBT issues.

    disclosure--voting for Andrew McCullough in 2012 and watching things like the Swallow/Shurtliff scandal lead to my registering and running as a Libertarian. Lee Anne Walker for House District 46

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