Saturday, April 19, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Weber Democrats Looking For An Edge In The Issues

In a political atmosphere wherein the Grand Old Party becomes increasingly (and alarmingly) radicalized, it's nice to have at least a few moderate and sensible choices, don'tcha think?

In the interest of continuing our ever-myopic focus on our upcoming 2014 Weber County General Elections, we're delighted to find a new topical article up on the Standard-Examiner, courtesy of SE reporter Cathy McKitrick. Here's the lede:
OGDEN -- In a horse race, a longshot is defined as "an entry given little chance of winning." Such is the daunting reality for Weber County Democrats seeking higher office this year.
With Weber's lone elected Democrat -- County Attorney Dee Smith -- not running again this November, the Republican party is poised to make a clean sweep of both legislative and county races.
In sports, that type of win is called a shutout. A group of Weber County Democratic candidates aim to keep that from happening.
Despite the fact that Weber County Democrats dropped the ball on the two open Weber County Commission races, there still remains some hope for local Demos to score some points in other county-wide contests, it would seem.  Check out Ms. McKitrick's full article here, where she reels off the full list of Democratic party candidates who are vying for Weber County-situated seats:
Fascinating quote from District 9 candidate Steve Olsen, a former Republican, now running for that seat under the Democratic Party campaign banner:
"People ask me 'how can you be a Mormon and Democrat?" said Steve Olsen, a Democrat who is challenging Republican incumbent Jeremy Peterson in the House District 9 race.
His reply? "I'm not sure how you can be a good Mormon and a Republican with the party the way it is now."
Olsen, 57, is urging voters to take a good look at the candidates, including those with the big D by their names.
"I considered myself a conservative most of my life, but as the Republicans drifted rightward and became more dramatically pro-big business, my views started to shift," Olsen said.
Your blogmeister isn't the only Weber County Republican who's recently soured on the Grand Old Party, we guess.

In a political atmosphere wherein the Republican Party becomes increasingly (and alarmingly) radicalized, it's nice to have at least a few moderate and sensible choices, don'tcha think?

Added bonus:  Be sure to view the embedded SE video, which shines the spotlight on the very appealing Amy Steed Morgan, who's running as a Democrat against incumbent Republican Brad Dee, for his current State House District 11 seat.

And do remember the sage words of oft-quoted Lord Acton, who said,"All power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

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