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Standard-Examiner: In 'State of the County' Speech, Gibson Attacks Standard-Examiner

Somehow we're getting a strong "psychic vibe" that this story isn't going to end well.
A lot has been said lately about our library system and what its future might be in our community," Gibson said. "Unfortunately this issue has been hijacked by well-meaning activists who have demonized any person who dares to ask a question or offer any conservative thought. Among the worst is some of our own local media.
County Commissioner Kerry Gibson
In 'State of the County' speech, Gibson attacks Standard-Examiner
April 8, 2014
We have had some biased reporting," Gibson said, "but maybe worse than that, lazy efforts of the (Standard-Examiner) editorial board have been laughable at best.
County Commissioner Kerry Gibson
In 'State of the County' speech, Gibson attacks Standard-Examiner
April 8, 2014
Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.
Mark Twain
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November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910

On the heels of the recent series of Standard-Examiner stories reporting on the recent Weber County Library bonding flap, it appears that yesterday's strong Standard-Examiner editorial was "the straw that broke the camel's back":
This morning's S-E hard-copy edition headline sums it up in a nutshell.  Read up on yesterday's Weber County Commission Chairman Kerry Gibson Tuesday rant, where he "lashed out at the Standard-Examiner and library proponents for recent stories, editorials and other material that criticized attempts to downsize a voter-approved bond."
Somehow we're getting a strong "psychic vibe" that this story isn't going to end well, as Gibson adds additional fuel to the fire, and goes to war with our home-town newspaper.

As a seasoned politician, you'd think Gibson would know better, yes?


Ray said...

Reading Mr. Gibson’s latest tirade in today’s Standard-Examiner reaffirms my opinion of Mr. Gibson, that of a thin skinned, holier thou politician who is driven by a narrow minded self-serving agenda. Keep it up Commissioners, to your own political demise.

John B. said...

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

J. Johnson said...

a tool and a disgrace of a commissioner to lash out publicly like that,
especially considering the Se and its editorial board are highly
conservative on most measures. I've said it several times over the last
month, but someone needs to put that jackass and his buddy in their

Monotreme said...

Even Spencer Stokes, who is a former county commissioner and former chief of staff for Sen. Mike Lee, thought their high-handed action to stack the library board was wrong.

Mr. Stokes is no liberal Obamabot, I assure you.

Maybe Mr. Gibson, like the jackass John Swallow before him, needs to take a step back and consider that if all the traffic is moving towards you in all lanes, that you might want to heed the huge red "WRONG WAY" sign.

MormonDemocrat said...

Why should Gibson care what anybody thinks, including the SE? So few people read it. He was not a great candidate, but had the "holy" R by his name. The lemmings in Weber County picked him instead of Amy Wicks. Look at the county races for the past decade. 2 to 1 for the Repubtards. Why would anyone want to challenge him when the citizens don't care. The citizens don't support great candidates, but instead keep ignorantly picking the party they mistakenly believe is more righteous. They really need to start reading King Benjamin (BOM Mosiah Chapter 4) and Joseph Smith (D&C 121:39). Until the voters wake up, this crap will continue.

Angela U. said...

The commission needs to be voted out of office. The voting public approved the library bond for a specific purpose but certain commissioners are hijacking the bond for their own right wing agenda. Time that voters woke up and STOPPED voting Republican. I returned to Roy from Salt Lake City where I had city and county library cards. The Weber County Library system censors readers what is available on the shelves. Lots of LDS reference books, conservative clap trap and awful Mormon young adult science fiction. There are few New York Times best sellers. When I asked about a Times best selling romance author, I was told the board had a complaint from a person about romance book content so they is limited availability Of those. I can get those books through the library exchange but the wait time can be months. If ultra conservative Davis County stocks these books why not a county that is home to a university?

Marko said...

The people voted for the library improvements. The Commission's sole legitimate task now is to make sure this project comes in within budget. It's as simple as that, as I see it.

Cal G. said...

"Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel."

Don't stick out your hand to a pit bull.

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