Thursday, April 03, 2014

Standard-Examiner: Bell Puts Brakes on Library Plan

"Looking forward to the 2016 elections, when voters will have a chance again to exercise their option to not renew their subscription to arrogant politicians"

By: Ray

I continue to be amazed at the hubris of Weber County Commissioners Gibson and Bell. As the Standard-Examiner states this morning, “Bell puts breaks on library plan.” Mr. Bell justifies his opposition by stating, “As this library plan was moving forward, there was absolutely no opposition to it and there should have been someone out there, including myself letting the public know a little more about it.”
"As Commissioner Matthew Bell sees it, the [2013 Library Bond] victory actually translates into only 17 percent of Weber's registered voters giving their thumbs up to the plan."

What arrogance! After months of planning, public input, discussion, and a democratic vote, Mr. Bell decides everybody is ignorant except himself.

I look forward to the 2016 elections, when voters will have a chance again to exercise their option to not renew their subscription to arrogant politicians. Perhaps, “someone out there” will decide to run a recall petition on these holier than thou politicians.

Update 4/4/14 10:20 a.m.: In the interest of "balance," and thanks to a tip from yet another sharp-eyed and alert reader, we'll provide this fascinating counter-argument from Lynda Pipkin, current Weber County GOP Vice-chair, of all people, citing rock-ribbed, conservative Weber County political stalwart and GOP party donor Bert Smith, and additionally throwing in some very interesting "UN conspiracy" theory, for good measure::
Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


John B. said...

I wonder what percentage of registered voters cast their ballots for him?

rudizink said...

One highly resourceful Standard-Examiner provides your answer:

"I did some digging on the Weber County Clerk's website. There were
112,146 registered voters in the county in 2012. Only 45,763 voted for
Bell. So a majority of registered voters did not vote for him. By his
reasoning, his election doesn't count"

(Works out to roughly 41%).

blackrulon said...

I truly enjoyed Mr. Innes comparing himself to Jackie Robinson on being awarded a seat on the library board. Because as we all know there is a severe shortage of white male men represented on various citizen boards and elected offices in Utah.

rudizink said...

Here's the word from Charlie Trentelman, You all remember Charlie Trentelma, right? Commissioner Bell invalidates library bond election?

AWM said...

Matt Bell just stepped on the grave of every veteran that ever held up his or her right hand and swore to defend this country against ALL enemies, foreign or DOMESTIC!

Bob Becker said...

Rudi, I think you credit the electirate with a longer memory than the evudence suggests it possesses.

John B. said...

Good God, that scares the shit out of me.

John B. said...

I'm for Lynda Pipkin:

blackrulon said...

It is luducrious to hear the TeaParty members complain about a 17% voter turnout for an election. the percentage that turn out for caucus meetings is much much lower but they seem happy with that small number contrilling the agenda. They had a chance to speak out and voice their opinions on the wisdom of the bond vote. If they could not garner enough opposition or turn out their voters then they cannot complain about the result. The voters were informed and choose to spend money for a ggod cause. Ms.Pipin is just trying to rewrite her involvement or lack of involvement as a victim. Revisionist history.

Ray said...

OMG-The vice-chair of the Weber County GOP writes this paranoid
drivel? This should be required reading for all Weber County voters, if only to demonstrate the Putinization of the local ruling political party. Make up facts, claim their true, repeat over and over, convince yourself they are true, invade (force out rational elected opposition via tricks and deception) and ignore the will of the people! This is scary to me. How ironic a library, the very bastion of a democratic society is the fuse for this attack on the will of the people. Somebody give Mr. Bell and Mr. Gibson a library card. Perhaps they will read some books on our government process. Folks had better wake up and smell the coffee…

formersaltlaker said...

As a Davis County resident, I qualified for both a Davis and Weber County library card. Pipkin says she has been in the Roy library and they only have 1-5 people in there. I wonder when exactly she has been there and how often. The building is too small for the community which has grown substantially since it was built forty years ago. There are always plenty of people in there when I go in. And the parking is inadequate.

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