Friday, April 18, 2014

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Our View: A 383-vote Weber Commission

It will be fascinating to see if Mssrs. Bell, Ebert and Gibson continue to pick a fight with the local newspaper
We have had some biased reporting, But maybe worse than that, lazy efforts of the (Standard-Examiner) editorial board have been laughable at best.
County Commissioner Kerry Gibson
In 'State of the County' speech, Gibson attacks Standard-Examiner
April 8, 2014
Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel.
Mark Twain
Brainy Quote
November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910
Ebert will be the next commissioner. There is no Democratic Party candidate in the race. The responsibility lies with Weber County voters to keep an eye on these three guys, and make sure they initiate no shenanigans to hijack the majority of Weber County residents in regards to the library bond. If they try to tailor it to the wishes of a few -- say about almost 400 -- voters, speak up loudly, and make sure they don't get away with it.
Standard-Examiner Editorial
Our View: A 383-vote Weber Commission
April 18, 2014

By: Blackrulon:

The Standard-Examiner has just published an editioral opinion on the 2014 Weber County Republican convention outcome:.
It will be fascinating to see if Mssrs. Bell, Ebert and Gibson continue to pick a fight with the local newspaper, yes?


Stacey H. said...

don't know how often the commissioners responded to the Standards
reporter's questions but I would not expect them to give them the time
of day now. I expect covering the county will get harder.

blackrulon said...

At various times in years past Jim Hansen(r) congressman Utah and Rob Bishop(r) congressman Utah has refused to talk to the reporters of the Standard-Examiner or the Salt Lake Tribune. Refusing to respond to reporters is not anything new but eventually the elected officials realize that theyy only make themselves look foolish.

Bob Becker said...

Of course they will. The constituents they appeal to think the Se is merely a local edition of Pravda.

AWM said...

I'll take the opposing view and say that not speaking with/limiting their interviews with the media in general will actually help these 2 yahoo's. It will significantly cut down negative press and political fall out they accumulate each time they open their mouths to espouse their twisted logic for running the county

rudizink said...

I remember not too long ago, when
Weber County Democrats contiolled Weber County elections.So wtf happened?

blackrulon said...

Politics is a rough and tumble business. By not speaking to the press they damage their ability to give their side of an issue. In certain GOP/Tea Party circles they surrounf themselves with yes men & women. They they are surprised when there is a negative impact. News sources, newspapers, radio and television will report tjhat they refused to talk to the press. If they cannot take the heat they are in the wrong job.

Bob Becker said...

First, Ezra Taft Benson happened (the LDS prophet who said he didn't see how you could be both a good Mormon and a good Democrat). He also implied, John Bircher fellow-traveller that he was, that you couldn't be a good American and a good Democrat either. Then the equal time rule was eliminated, talk radio and cable tv exploded and it became possible for people to live in a right-wing echo chamber in which they only heard ideas and opinions they already subscribed to. That's what happened.

Yes, there are cable channels with a liberal bent, like MSNBC. But I don't know any liberals --- abd I know a lot of them --- who proudly declare they get all their news (or even most of it) from MSNBC or similar sources. I do know conservatives who proudly --- proudly --- proclaim they get all their news from Fox and Rush and his ilk (Beck etc.) . Limbaugh's followers don't call themselves "dittoheads" for nothing.

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