Tuesday, April 01, 2014

ABC News 4: Seventeen Teachers to Be Let Go by Ogden School District at End of School Year - Updated

It gets interestinger and interestinger as the 2014 General Election approaches, dunnit?

There's more bad news for the children of the Ogden School District, as ABC News 4 reports that our Ogden School Board has followed up last year's devastating Librarian, Adult Education and Reading Coach kill-offs with a new round of sure-to-be-painful staff cuts.  Although the District's rationale is murky, what is clear is that it's 17 Ogden school teachers who'll be looking for new jobs next year:
We've also learned from a reliable source that of this seventeen, at least eleven are union members.

Coincidence?  Or is Ogden School Board management (so-called) now embarking on a new "tea party style" union-busting venture?

We're also informed that the Standard-Examiner staff is working on a followup story, which we'll link, assuming something a little more tangible pops up.

Stay tuned, folks.

It gets interesting and interestinger as the 2014 General Election approaches, dunnit?

Update 4/2/14 7:42 a.m.: As predicted above, The Standard-Examiner is all over this story, revealing, among things, that a seemingly disproportionate 6 teachers from Highland Junior High School will receive their "walking papers":
Displayed within this link is an "official" roster of Highland faculty and staff.  Scroll down and do the math:


Ben P. said...

Glad you're on it Rudi Zink! We can not allow the OSD spin of we are doing it for the children. The "we must clean out bad teachers" nonsense.

Bill H. said...

He reminds of the New Jersey Gov.

John B. said...

A school superintends focus should be on educating the students. Since this joker started I have heard little to none of that nonsense.

Jamie said...

This is awful.

RZ said...

Giant reeking turd, in an overly shiny polyester suit. YUCK!

Ray said...

It is April 1, traditional day of fools and Mr. Smith appears to qualify. If BR isn't just fooling, I'd like to sell him some magic stones, if he believes the results he outlines will happen when 17 teachers are fired.

smaatguy said...

Nauseating to say the least....how about we start the cutting with some fat azz administrators....how about we start with the likes of that lunker in the pic....that's where the real dead weight is.

blackrulon said...

The reduction will help the remaining teachers Less competition for the prime parking spots and better seating in the cafeteria. Would the people in charge of educating children do anything that does not help the children. Fro Gods sake think of the children.

Ray said...

NEW TOPIC-Commissioner Bell

I continue to be amazed at the hubris of Weber County
Commissioners Gibson and Bell. As the Standard-Examiner states this morning, “Bell puts breaks on library plan” Mr. Bell justifies his opposition by stating, “As this library plan was moving forward, there was absolutely no opposition to it
and there should have been someone out there , including myself letting the public know a little more about it”

What arrogance! After months of planning, public input,
discussion, and a democratic vote Mr. Bell decides everybody is ignorant except himself. I look forward to the 2016 elections when voters will have a chance again to exercise their option to not renew their subscription to arrogant politicians. Perhaps, “someone out there” will decide to run a recall petition
on these holier than thou politicians.

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