Monday, April 07, 2014

Deseret News: Stuart Reid: A View from Both Sides of the Aisle

Moderate on moral social issues? Who knew?

Interesting Deseret News Sunday interview with Weber County's own "turncoat Democrat" State Senator Stuart Reid, who's following through with his 2010 campaign pledge, and will be retiring from the state legislature upon completion of one single term of office:
Among other things, Senator Reid expands upon his earlier-expressed theory that, with the passage of Senator Curt Bramble's SB 54, we'll soon be witnessing the death of the Utah Democratic Party, and the emergence of two factions in the Republican Party, i.e., a  "caucus-convention faction and  signature-gathering faction," which will [henceforth] "essentially make up the two parties in the state of Utah."

In an intriguing sidebar note, Reid characterizes himself as "conservative on fiscal issues and moderate on moral social issues," prompting the sodden question:

Who knew?

Gotta say Reid had us completely fooled.

Illuminating interview, wethinks, all-in-all.


blackrulon said...

This is the same Stuart Reid who wrote an op-ed supporting the legislatures attempt to gut the GRAMA. Who fefused to take a position on John Swallow until public opinion had turned against the former Attorney General. His whole political career has been a series of positions that favored and supported whatever would help his bid for elected office. He had and has no core beliefs. His only belief is "will this help or hinder Stuart Reid".

Lisa V. said...

If this man is a moderate I would hate to see what he thinks a conservative is. I am so glad he is not running. Thanks to gerrymandering, he is my Senator, but he certainly does not represent me. When I read his column last winter about how same sex marriage was gonna be the end of us, I almost thought it was his attempt at comedy.

OneWhoKnows2 said...

Pretty full of himself, I'd say. Bet he runs for Mayor of Ogden next time. His ego requires it. Probably run against John Patterson. God help us!

Bob Becker said...

Was going to click through to the interview but then paused and asked myself if I really wanted to read a longish interview of Reid in the DN or anywhere else. No, I don't. Skipped it.

Ray said...

In response to article about Mr.Gibson today:

Reading Mr. Gibson’s latest tirade in today’s Standard-Examiner reaffirms my opinion of Mr. Gibson, that of a thin skinned, holier thou politician who is driven by a narrow minded self-serving agenda. Keep it up Commissioners, to your own political demise.

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