Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2014 Utah Election Update: Early Voting Starts Today

Don't vote? Don't complain!

Click this handy link below for additional information, including Weber County early voting polling locations:
For further information on candidates and issues appearing on our Weber County ballots, check out our handy 2014 General Election Module in the right sidebar, which features (among other things) our below-linked online voter information guide:


Bob Becker said...

Don't like early voting. Especially don't like mail voting. Will haul myself and toddler grandson to the polls on election day like god intended. (And hope he stops chanting "Throw the rascals out!" before we actually enter the polling place, and doesn't resume 'til we're out the door.)

Bob Becker said...

Rudi: your candidate roster lists the Ogden School Board candidates but doesn't indicate who's an incumbent. Can you name them here? Want to make sure I don't inadvertantly vote for one.

rudizink said...

Here are the incumbents, Bob:

Ogden School Board

Ozboy said...

Thanks for the rogues gallery of the current Ogden School board. I found it interesting that there is not one single person of color on the board, yet it occurs to me that a large percentage of the students in the district are our darker skinned brothers and sisters.
Do you have the stats on the racial make up of Ogden Schools, and if you do can you publish it.

rudizink said...

According to the Ogden City website, "Ethnic and racial minorities make up over 20% of Ogden's population, the largest minority group being Hispanic, followed by African Americans, Asians, American Indian/Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander."

Demographics of Ogden

Presumably these percentages could be extrapolated to calculate ball-park OSD percentages.

Ozboy said...

I woulda guessed that Ogden's minority population was higher than that. Still, with 20% minority you would think there would be at least one board member that wasn't lilly white and wholesome (Whitesome and delightsome as old Holy Joe called them).
So are there any minority folks in Ogden that even run for these school board seats? Forgive my ignorance on this as I am like most folks who do not pay much attention to these school board races. Maybe you can enlighten me, us, about the recent history of Ogden's school board races - including the races of candidates.

It seems to me that this Smith fiasco is a good reason for the voters to start paying more attention the this!

Monotreme said...

Aaron Garza is an excellent candidate whom you should support, if you live in his district.

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