Saturday, October 04, 2014

Weber County Forum College Gameday Special: USU Whips BYU, Whilst WSU Takes the Weekend Off to Re-group - Updated

BYU starting quarterback suffers leg fractures, will have surgery Saturday morning

Our Weber State Wildcats will be  sitting it out this afternoon, during this week's Big Sky Conference scheduled bye week; but we'd still like to report one Utah college football result, which ought to be of extreme interest to Northern Utah College Football fans.  After last night's exciting gridiron action, we offer offer our heart-felt congratulations to the Utah State Aggies, who pulled a miraculous "rabbit out of their hats," with last night's 35-20 victory over the #18-ranked BYU Cougars, right there in the Zoobies' "hallowed home turf." The Standard and the Trib have the story:
Best wishes to the "undeniably awesome" Taysom Hill, whom we hope will experience a speedy and complete recovery.

Sodden Question, Will BYU Coach Bronco Mendenhall reconsider the folly of mis-using his erstwile "Heisman Trophy Candidate" star quarterback as a "power runner," when Hill returns to the field in 2015?

Alternate query: Does Mendenhall even possess the coaching skill to reshuffle his BYU offense, and salvage his season, just as USU coach Matt Wells appears to have successfully done this year?

Who knows?  Maybe even the mighty Utah Utes will gain some useful inspiration tonight, by the virtue of USU's starling Friday night victory

Don't let the 'Cat get your tongues, O Gentle Ones.

Update 10/04/14 11:45 p.m.: More good Utah football news concerning your blogmeister's favorite University, which coincidentally happens to be your blogmeister's beloved alma mater:
In truth, today was a tough day for "top-rated" college football programs all across the board:
Too bad our Weber State Wildcats had to sit this weekend out, and thereby miss all the fun, No?


Doug said...

It's just bad luck; Hill is a QB who runs a lot. Big test Thursday at Central Florida; hope D gets good again.

rudizink said...

Bad luck's part of the equation I think, Doug, but ya gotta admit mobile quarertbacks, like Hill, expose themselves to an increased risk of injury. This is Hill's second serious running injury, BTW.

Doug said...

Yeah, I would play one season more even if he gets an extra year. He's pro potential, no need to risk it for two years. Stewart may be better than he looked rushed in to lead a shellshocked team last night.

Jim said...

After seeing the obnoxious rubes on the BYU pre game show, predicting State would not score a point and this was a walkover win, and having gone to SDSU, and sitting with obnoxious BYU Fan, I can only say, way to rock, Utah St. Hill is a super nice guy and talent. Really sick to see him hurt again due to idiotic coaching.

rudizink said...

Bottom line, Doug the BYU line needs help on both sides of the Ball, in my opinion. In particular, if the massive BYU defensive line practiced better pass protection, the big-hearted Hiil would probably be far less tempted to run the ball himself. Yeah. Coach Mendenhal definitely has his work cut out for him, now and in the 2015 season, methinks.

rudizink said...

No doubt about it, Jim. BYU faithful can be particularly obnoxious.

Jim said...

The most horrible frontrunners ever. And horrible losers. I saw a BYU vs. SDSU game where Marshal Faulk ran like a possessed man and lead by about 23 at half, but BYU came back to win in the end. About half the BYU fans left at half time pouting and missed the comeback. I was also at the BYU vs. SMU epic Holliday Bowl. I became a Jim McMahon fan that night. Eric Dickerson was a monster.

rudizink said...

LOL, Jim. Certainly, Taysom Hill is no Eric Dickerson. Time for Coach Mendenhall to "write that down, so he doesn't forget it," methinks.

smaatgut said...


Bob Becker said...

After listening to local sports-talk radio guys speculating endlessly about whether BYU's patsy independent schedule would keep it out of the playoffs if/when it went undeafeated, have to admit to a little glee at USU picking the Y off. Just a little. Hope BYU moaning about not being considered a Power Five conference level independent (like the Dame) by Power Five schedule makers will recede a bit now.

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