Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Standard Examiner: 1st Congressional District Showdown - Updated

In the Fall, Fire them All!

Due to yesterday's "game-changing" news, wherein the most severe crackpot "haters" got their derrieres kicked to to curb, we have a couple of Sunday Standard-Examiner 2014 Utah General Election stories which got diverted to the back burner.  Here ya finally go, however folks.  Better late than never, we hope.

Check out these two most excellent Cathy McKitrick 2014 Utah General Election stories, which shine the spotlight on the two "major party" candidates (Rob Bishop and Donna McAleer) in the ongoing Utah Congressional District 1 race, based upon interviews with Standard-Examiner staff:
Blockbuster Top Question and Answer of the two-candidate series, in our never humble opinion?
Question: "What would you ask your opponent?"
Donna McAleer: “Do you really want this job, Congressman Bishop, because you seem quite bored and not engaged in delivering results for Utah."
Added Bonus 5:20 p.m.:  Check out Libertarian candidate  Craig Bowden's responses, which he graciously provided us earlier this afternoon, upon extremely short notice:
Our take with respect to Mr. Bowden's candidacy?  Keep an eye on this guy, as a viable alternative to the other three.

In connection with Rep. Bishop's extended time in Congress, we do believe that the feisty Ms. McAleer raises a salient point, which is artistically well-illustrated by Pat Bagley, the Trib's "Cartoonist on Residence." in this recent and totally boffo SL Trib "editorial cartoon," which pretty well captures Bishop's Congressional attitude, wethinks:

For our own part, we'll remind our readers of the ever-most important principle for which all "concerned" political wonks operate, those who are concerned with good government, that is:

Here are the web links to the other two (third-party) candidates whom the Standard inexpicably left outta the whole discussion, BTW:
Be sure to check them out too, despite the fact that the Standard refuses to admit that they even exist.

Just another helpul hint from yer old pal Rudi.

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Johnny B said...

When the Congressman makes public appearances you can tell by the smirk on his otherwise frozen face that he knows he will win reelection and he doesn't give a shit about what you think of him.

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