Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Utah General Elections Spotlight: Four Weber County Ballot "Propositions"

Vote smart, Weber County Lumpencitizens -- Don't enter those voting booths on November 4 without being completely and fully informed

With a mere 20 days remaining until the 2014 Utah General Election, we'll fatten out our pre-election coverage, beginning with with this informative morning article from the ever-excellent UtahPoliticoHub. Here's the lede, folks:
Something you can count on for every state-level election is getting one or more ballot questions asking you to amend the Utah constitution. About 90% of the time, they’re very dry and somewhat boring technical changes. While the state has some good documents on the arguments for and against each, most voters are looking for a TL;DR summary of the positions. Keep reading to get a five-minute breakdown of what each constitutional amendment means.
Check out the full article here, folks:
For those political wonks who might feel the above summary is still a mite meager, here's a more complete array of  information and  pro-con arguments concerning these heretore three "mysterious" proposed amendments, gleaned straight from the Lt. Governor Cox's VoteUtah.Com website:
As to above-linked Amendment A, the Standard's Cathy McKitrick reported this morning that this proposed amendment is already generating predictable and significant controversy:
“It’s a huge deal, a big change, and a grab by large corporations to take any vestige of fairness out of the state Tax Commission” “This is the single most outrageous thing on the ballot this year because it pits residential property owners against the mighty industrial segments of our state; and it has been done so stealthily that if the ma and pa taxpayers realized what the Republicans were planning here, they would be outraged,” State Senator Jim Dabakis forcefully complains.

Mr. Dabakis make a good point, wethinks.

As an added bonus, we'll also shine the spotlight on the fourth proposition "item" which will appear on your 2014 Weber County ballots, folks.  Seems it's already time for Weber County voters to renew authorization of the R.A.M.P.Tax:
And there you have it. We hope you'll open the above links and carefully weigh the arguments, folks.

Vote smart, Weber County Lumpencitizens.  Don't enter those voting booths on November 4 without being completely and fully informed.


Rebel With a Cause 2 said...

Thank you, Rudi for the important information you provided on the amendments we will be voting on. It was very helpful.

rudizink said...

Just remmber, Rebel. Unless you're a Major corporation, you as an individual real property are about to get "screwed," if this ballot measure passes.

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