Friday, October 03, 2014

Weber County Forum Friday Morning News Roundup

A few notable news stories which have been languishing on our WCF back burner

In the interest of kicking off any possible Friday Weber County Forum discusssion (on an otherwise sl-o-o-o-w news day), we're reeling out for your perusal a few notable news stories which have been languishing on our WCF back burner

1) With 10 felony charges hanging over his head, we'll guess that opportunities in the legal profession are a mite thin.  Nevertheless we learn that former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff isn't letting any grass grow under his feet, as the Salt Lake Tribune reports on Shurtleff's latest legal representation venture:
Former Attorney General Mark Shurtleff attended Tuesday’s state liquor commission meeting, working as legal counsel for a new Orem-based business he owns with his brother.
Shurtleff and younger brother Kevin Shurtleff were requesting a special manufacturing permit for Now Neutraceuticals, which plans to make small aerosol inhalers that can quickly introduce different compounds — such as caffeine — into the lungs.
The inhaling solution includes a negligible amount of alcohol but still requires a special alcohol-use permit, which was unanimously approved by the five-member commission.
Read up, peeps;
Caffeine inhalers: Instant heart attack?

One Trib reader wryly sums it up: "Wow, from attorney general to general counsel for a 'huffing' enterprise'".

2) We've been relatively harsh critics of the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) for many years; so we're now pleased to observe that one Weber County Commissioner (Kerry Gibson) is jumping on the bandwagon, in the wake of the full Commission's unanimous decision "to bump [one] Utah Transit Authority request off the list before approving this year’s round of local transportation funding for a dozen other projects":
Check out the above story to learn about the other twelve road-building boondoggles which the commission did unanimously approve.

Seems the Weber County Commission never stumbled upon a transportation project they didn't fall in love with... well, almost.

3) With the 2014 Utah General Election rolling out in exactly a month, we're delighted to put the spotlight on this strong Salt Lake Trib editorial, which pulls no punches concerning Northern Utah's pending 1st District Congressional race:
"A new poll from shows that 81 percent of Utahns polled rated the job performance of the legislative branch as either somewhat or highly unfavorable. Nationally, 14 percent of voters approve of the job Congress is doing[...].Voters in Utah’s 1st Congressional District can do something about that in this election. They can send Donna McAleer to Washington," says the Tribune.

We'll be standing by with abated breath to find out whether strong editorials like this will aid in pulling Northern Utahns out of their paradoxical elective stupor.

4) To put a close to today's news roundup, we'll lodge, for our readers' attention, this truly remarkable Trib story, shining the spotlight on our truly remarkable Utah Lieutenant Governor,  Ya gotta admire Cox's boldness and candor:
We'll assume that Lt. Governor Cox may be unfamiliar with that oft-cited Ronald Reagan Eleventh Commandment, "Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican." We'll also presume that Lt. Governor Cox won't be receiving GOP backing for any other elective office any time soon. One thing's for sure: politics-wise, LT. Governor Cox is a true breath of fresh air.


Virginia said...

is there that much money in Utah politics ? i guess so....but 10 felony counts ? gee...i can't even get arrested in i should try harder...

Chris said...

I think I'd rather seen them spend the money on a UTA stop than bailing out a money loosing gun range

Angela said...

I too am surprised at the moderate Mr Cox, bless him. UTA is a good service that should be great under new management, none of whom should be a former or current elected official, former LDS church official, or hold property on a transit line. Fire all UTA board members, have a community based oversite committee, cut management salaries, take away UTA provided cars, give all management bus passes, and start Sunday service on FrontRunner, 24 hour service on Traxx. As for Shurtliff, why isn't he in jail already.

blackrulon said...

I fully understand why Mr. Shurtleff is representing was providing legal advice to his brother. Better use your knowledge while you still have the ability. Chances are excellent that he will be disbarred if convicted of the various felony charges against him. Would commissioner Gibson be so upset with UTA if they were conducting a study to provide bus service to the county owned gun range?

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