Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weber State University Game Day Thread: PSU v. WSU - Updated

Happily, our Wildcats are pegged as slight 1-1/2 point favorites

After last week's close road loss to MSU, our Weber State Wildcats (0-7, 0-3)  return home this afternoon to take on the Portland State Vikings (2-5, 1-2), with kickoff set for 1:00 p.m. at Stewart Stadium. The Vikings have lost four of their last five games heading into today's gridiron battle; and it looks like Coach Hill will be pulling out all the stops and will be switching quarterbacks.
Feast your eyes on these other pregame writeups, long-suffering 'Cats fans:
Interestingly, the Standard also presents this companion story, comparing the performance of current Coach Hill with that of former Coach Jody Sears, who was "dismissed" in 2013:
With seven straight WSU losses on the books, we'll assume that some disappointed Wildcats boosters have already set their tongues a-waggin', which will no doubt provide additional incentive for Coach Hill to finally put a "W" in this year's Win/Loss Column this afternoon.

Weber State Wildcats diehards who can't make it to the stadium can follow the game via the usual online sources, of course:
Happily, Sportsbet.Com reports that our Wildcats are pegged as slight 1-1/2 point favorites (the first time they haven't been underdogs this season) which probably takes "home field advantage" into account, we'd suppose.

We'll leave the lights on for your ever-savvy comments here at Weber County Forum, of course,

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/25/14: Dang. Our ass gets whooped again!
The game wasn't even halfway close.

Maybe it is time again, wethinks, to start thinking about hiring a competent coach.

In happier Big Sky Conference news, check this out:
Yep. Despite appearances, there are hopes for underdog success in the lopsided Big Sky Conference.

Update 10/26/14 7:41 pm:  More half-assed excuses from the (interim) Coach and a few other WSU sadsack LOSERS:


Marko said...

Weber State will blow out Portland State this afternoon. Let me be the first to male this obvious call.

Marko said...

Yeah Coach Hill. Your team continued to "battle," meaning they didn't actually walk off the field, hanging their heads in the 4th quarter

disgusted said...

Shit, man. WSU couldn;t even cover the 1-1/2 points spread!

Curious said...

This guy Hill looks and acts like a complete effenimate wimp. How and why did he land the WSU coaching job, once again?

blackrulon said...

Wildly off topic. The results of statewide testing of schools(SAGE)has been released. Ogden School District posted results of 28.1% in Language Arts, 20.3% in Mathmetics and 26.8% in Science. The state of Utah has selected former Ogden school district supertindent Brad Smith to lead education in Utah. I only hope that he does not lead the state system to the same horrible results he has achieved in Ogden.

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