Saturday, January 17, 2015

Standard-Examiner Editorial: The Utah GOP attacks itself

Bizarre. That is the best word we can come up with
Bizarre. That is the best word we can come up with to describe the behavior of the Utah Republican Party leadership this week and their obsession with Senate Bill 54...
The efforts of the Utah GOP are comical, to say the least. Events are playing out like a Comedy Central Daily Show skit portraying a schizophrenic Utah GOP spokesperson simply arguing with himself by changing chairs back and forth....
The Utah GOP is making a mockery out of due governance by trying to stop a law the majority of its members agreed to. To paraphrase, the wise newspaper comic pundit, Pogo, the Utah GOP has met the enemy, and it is them.
Standard-Examiner Editorial Board
The Utah GOP attacks itself
January 8, 2015

Killer editorial from the Standard-Examiner in yesterday's hard-copy edition:
Here's a Weber County Forum Tip o the Hat to veteran newsman Andy Howell, who's now holding down the fort on the SE editorial pages as Editorial Editor, now that former (hard core Republican) Editor, Doug Gibson has now been reassigned to the  "Entertainent Editor" position(?).

Go figure.

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