Friday, January 16, 2015

Poll: Support for Caucus System is Below 20%

We'll be standing by with great interest during the upcoming 2015 legislation session, as extremist and ham-fisted Utah GOP legislators set the stage to thwart the"will of the people."

Concerning Utah's new dual-track political nominations system, we're delighted to present more startling Dan Jones polling data made available this morning, via UtahPolicy.Com,  Here's the lede, peeps:
The Utah State Republican Party has sued state government over a new law that provides a dual-track process for candidates to get on a party’s primary ballot, yet a new poll shows that only 19 percent of rank-and-file GOP voters want to keep the old caucus/convention system, favored by Republican insiders.
The new Dan Jones & Associates survey was discussed Friday morning at the 6th annual pre-legislative conference sponsored by the Exoro consulting group and Zions Bank.
Utah State University also participated in the new survey, which next week will be detailed in a number of UtahPolicy stories. So stay tuned.
Check out this morning's eye-opening story, O Gentle Ones:
That's right, folks!  Even rank and file Utah Republicans do not support the Utah GOP's SB54 Bait&Switch.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, reactionary Utah GOP crackpots.  We do believe the Salt Lake Tribune capably called it, with last week's strong editorial:
We'll be standing by with great interest during the upcoming 2015 legislation session, as extremist and ham-fisted Utah legislators, such as Weber County's own Senator Scott Jenkins set the stage to thwart  the "will of the people."


Johnny B. said...

This fellow is at the core of all the piss poor decisions that have come from our state leaders this year. From the prision move to the not-so-public public rifle range and now this. All I can say is WTF?

rudizink said...

LOL. Did you know that Senator Jenkins is Matthew Godfrey's cousin? Explains a whole lot about messed up DNA, methinks.

blackrulon said...

We'll see who hast more legislative power . Ken Jenkins(and the Eagle Forum) or Curt Bramble(who crafted the compromise bill)

blackrulon said...

Could you post the state email address of our local representatives?

Ozboy said...

Good stuff Rudi, thanks.
I just simply luvs it when millionaire Republicans get in knife fights with each other! Lots of blood and they always show their asses to the masses. It weakens the party and strengthens the public, what's not to like about that?
In this situation they have demonstrated once again how disingenuous they are and what distain they really do have for the hoi polloi.

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