Monday, January 05, 2015

Breaking: Utah Republican Party Poll Shows Public Support for Delaying SB 54 - Updated

Republican "Bait-and-Switch"?  "It’s starting to feel that way."

Hot off the press this morning, we learn from Utah and the Salt Lake Tribune, that the Utah Republican Party, eager to reneg on the on the 2014 SB54 legislative compromise which modified the process for Utah election nominations, and established a dual-track system for picking Utah political party election nominees, is working like a demon to toss a monkey wrench into the modified process which Utah's Republican Party-dominated state legislature enacted just last spring.  On the heels of December's poll, which revealed that a majority of Utahns support 'Count My Vote,' and oppose GOP effort to Stop SB 54, it seems that (surprise of surprises,) the Utah GOP has now come up with a "contrarian" poll of its own.
According to the [Utah GOP's most recent] survey, when asked if political parties should be given more time to comply with the law, 56% of Utahns support that idea as do 56% of Utah Republicans.
The survey also shows Utahns support that lawsuit against SB 54, insofar as allowing the courts to sort out any constitutional questions surrounding the legislation. 59% of Utahns and 67% of Republicans say they support letting the courts have their say about the law before it goes into effect.
Read up, folks:
Within each the above stories we find references to the the ongoing efforts of Weber County's own Senator Scott Jenkins, who'll be fighting like a badger during the upcoming 2015 legislative session, to retroactively "gut" or "kill" the SB54 compromise legislation.  And in that connection, we'll helpfully link yesterday's Salt Lake Tribune story, which fleshes out Senator Jenkins's obstructive efforts planned to date:
Here's a telling quote which we've plucked from the SLTrib story, folks, which neatly summarizes the Utah GOP's efforts in re this issue, wethink:
Does [Rich McKeown, executive co-chairman of Count My Vote, think Republican leaders are attempting a bait-and-switch to get Count My Vote to withdraw its efforts by passing SB54, with leaders now pushing to revoke that law? "It’s starting to feel that way," McKeown said.
The Utah GOP: You can trust 'em just about as far as you can throw 'em.

Don't let the cat get your tongues, O Gentle Readers.

Update 1/6/15 10:15 a.m.:  Utah Political Capitol provides further analysis and discussion of Senator Jenkins's above-referenced bill:


rudizink said...


blackrulon said...

A pair of Salt Lake Tribune stories cover the story "Trio of county officals among top tax deliquents" published January 3 2015 which lists KRK as deliquent on property taxes and another story "Deliquent tax lists include well-known Utah businesses" published January 4 2015.

Jim Z said...

Not so much reneg as revelation? lol

Michael said...

well ... just plain 'gerrymandering' has always worked so well for them... why change that..

rudizink said...

Here they are, BR:

Trio of county officials among tax delinquents

Delinquent-tax lists include well-known Utah businesses

Danny said...

I'm sure Mike Leavitt, Bob Bennett, and Rich McKeown are feeling a little sad right now.

Leavitt because it will make it harder to buy the vote in the next Senate race. Bennett because he needs a reason for his loss other than that he is a sellout. And McKeown because people like him, well, they are on TV so much they are supposed to always get their way, I mean, come on.

On top of that, people who live face down in the Republican trough are feeling bad right now too. Mike Lee just isn't the feeder that they're used to.

All around, it's a sad day in Cronyville, UT.

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