Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Utah Medicaid Expansion News Roundup: It Ain't Quite Dead Yet - Updated

Our take concerning the suddenly defrocked Sutherland Institute spokesman, and  Utah's most famous BYU dropout? Go, Boys Go!

In the interest of proving that we're not "goofing off" in the news-lean aftermath of the Christmas/New Years holiday season, here are a couple of interesting and timely stories, focusing on Governor Herbert's "Healthy Utah" "Medicaid expansion plan."

This one's authored by former Sutherland Institute "mouthpiece" Paul Mero, who seems to have grown a little bit more sensible and "human," since the right wing nutcases of the Sutherland Institute "let him go,
"Conservatives might not like when government steps in to fill this gap but our philosophical dislikes do not trump nor diminish real human needs and our moral obligation (to both the needy and to freedom) to provide reasonable solutions," the miraculously newly-reformed Mr. Mero sez.

Welcome back to the "human race," Mr Mero, sez us.

Despite earlier indications that the "looniebird" Utah Legislature is intent on kicking Governor Gary'as Healthy Utah plan "to the curb" It appears the Governor Herbert hasn't yet totally given up:
Our take concerning the defrocked Sutherland Institute spokesman, and Utah's most famous BYU dropout? Go, Boys Go!

Update 1/8/15 8:38 a.m.: Uh-oh.  It appears that Governor Herbert's "Medicaid work requirement" is "off the table," according to this morning's Standard-Examiner story:
Perhaps it's now time for Governor Gary, to put the arm on his Republican colleagues in the Utah legislature, and talk a little "common sense":


blackrulon said...

The occasional rational and common sense attitude Mr. Mero is showing is likely the reason he was invited to leave the Sutherland institute.

BlueSky said...

Meanwhile, while the Gov and Leg play political games, people who desperately need these benefits are sick or dying.

Ozboy said...


I was gonna send this to you in an email, but my computer crashed the other day and lost all my email addresses! So drop me a line so my computer can pick up and save your address.

Meanwhile, the subject is Krugman and his 10 Jan article about the lack of modern day Freidmans in the conservative ranks. Thought you might be interested in following up and doing an article on Krugman's article.

Here is one interesting paragraph:

"Modern conservatism doesn’t have Friedman-like figures — people who would be prominent economists thanks to their research whatever their politics, who are also public intellectuals– because it doesn’t want them. The movement prefers hacks, who needn’t be even minimally competent but can be counted on to defend the party line without any risk of taking an independent stand."

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