Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Mayor Mike Caldwell Will Seek a Second Term

Granted, "he's not Godfrey" sets a pretty low standard for approving another term. But still, given a choice between Mayor Log and Mayor Stork, we'd prefer the former

Mayor Mike on His Mountain Bike
Interesting story this morning on the local Ogden City news front, as the Standard's Cathy McKittrick announces the first news development pertaining to the upcoming 2015 Ogden City Municipal election:
Our view? It makes perfect sense that Mayor Mike would throw his hat into the ring for a second go-round, inasmuch as recent City Council actions seem to be leaning toward making elected Ogden City offices even more pecuniarily attractive than now.

As for the prospect of Mike Caldwell serving a second Mayoral term of office, we're going to go along with Gentle Reader Bob Becker on this:
So, the question before this body is: does Mayor Mike "Ten Speed" Caldwell deserve another term? He claims in the interview accomplishments that are not his (e.g. the LDS temple redo and open house tours, etc.) But all politicians do that. No harm no foul. And as Ozboy notes, it's been a calm and quiet Caldwell administration compared to his predecessor's. Ten Speed has not, thank whatever gods may be, gone about playing Junior G Man, following the wives of police officers around the mean streets of Ogden to see if their husbands are political opponents. And he has not proposed selling Mt. Ogden Park to real estate developers to build a flatland public money pit gondola to WSU --- again, thanks whatever gods may be.
Granted, "he's not Godfrey" sets a pretty low standard for approving another term. But still, given a choice between Mayor Log and Mayor Stork, I'd prefer the former. [...]

We'll file this story as the first entry within the Weber County Forum topic heading, 2015 Municipal Elections.

Let the games begin!

And what say you, O Gentle Ones?


Johnny B said...

I like the new crosswalk on Wall Ave. near the St. Annes shelter. If the mayor had anything to do with that, I would vote for him.

Ozboy said...

Wellllll, Dr. Becker's statement ""he's not Godfrey" sets a pretty low standard" is fer sure true, but there are some who think it is huge.

As a former Ogden observer and Godfreyite attack dog, I am interested in hearing from the WCF readers just what the current mayor has and hasn't done for my dear old home town.

What ever happened to Suzi VanHooser? She came close to unseating the Little Lord Mayor in the election before the current guy, and seemed at the time to be a very good potential mayor. Is she still in the game?

blackrulon said...

Does Silent Mike still plan on accepting campaign donations from Gadi Leshem? It was just another example of the Godfrey" pay to play" formula. The donation to Caldwells campaign occured after the election results were announced. Leshem failed horribly inhis role on the River Front project the first go around. But he has been given another opportunity to act as contractor on the River Front project. Apoparently his donation was agoodinvestment.

blackrulon said...

Caldwell has managed to royally piss off the local chapter of the Daughters of The Utah Pioneers,.

Ozboy said...


How is that? Hope he ainta messing with the DUP's too much, they're my favorite band!
Actually I am friends with a lot of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers being that I am big on MoMo history and have one of their plaques on my house.

rudizink said...

Here's the story, Ozboy:
Standard-Examiner: DUP Irritated at Perceived Snub from Ogden Mayor

Ozboy said...

Thanks Rudi, 'preciate it.
By the way, I like your picture, reminds me of a Russian Mafioso!

Danny said...

I don't really have an opinion on Caldwell. Compared to how I felt about Godfrey, I suppose that's a huge improvement. But it matters little, since the bureaucrats run the city however they want anyway, with the mayor and city council being little more than the bureaucrats' stooges. I don't think the bureaucrats even bother to pretend otherwise anymore.

On another subject, here's a really good editorial from Rocky Anderson including an Ogden tie-in.


AWM said...

Sure...when measured against Godfrey Caldwell looks pretty good but so would about anybody else with the ability to walk up right and manipulate an Etch-A-Ketch. Caldwell's one dimensional bike schtick is wearing very thin at this point. As he himself stated in his reelection announcement article, the first day on the job he was faced with the Stewart raid. Anybody know where he stands on Weber County Narcotics Task Force entry policies? Where he stands on the Stewart fiasco in general ? Didn't think so. Beyond that, his ability to run below the radar for extended periods of time on important issues should be studied by the USAF for potential design improvements in their stealth platforms.

rudizink said...

Steallar post, AWM! Thanks for chiming in!

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