Saturday, January 03, 2015

Rolly: Rep. Ivory the King of Conflicts

Looks like a worthy project for Utah's various state ethics oversight agencies, wethink

As a followup to last Monday's WCF story, wherein we reported about how "Rep. Ken Ivory has perfected a way to turn his seat in the Utah Legislature into a money making racket," we'll shine the spotlight on this morning's Paul Rolly investigative journalistic gem.  Here's the lede, O Gentle Readers.
There are plenty of examples over the years of Utah legislators sponsoring or pushing legislation that directly or indirectly benefits themselves financially. Bills promoting charter schools, reforming trucking regulations, requiring certain sex education agendas and auto insurance mandates come to mind.
But when it comes to blatantly helping one’s self and one’s family through the legislative process, Rep. Ken Ivory, R-West Jordan, must be going for some kind of record.
Ivory has generated unwanted publicity, including in this column, for his penchant for using his legislative position to promote causes and organizations that generate money for himself.
Now, he’s done it again.
Read the full story, folks:
Clearly, Rep. Ivory is "milking" the power of his legislative seat for all it's worth, don'tcha think?

Looks like a worthy project for the Utah House Ethics Committee. the Independent Legislative Ethics Commission, and the Utah Attorney General's office, wethinks.

All of these above-listed state agencies appear to have the political jurisdiction,  The sodden question, of course: Do any of them possess the political will?

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