Monday, January 19, 2015

Standard Examiner Letter: Keep North Ogden Amateurs Out of Ogden

Charlie Trentelman explains "how we roll in Ogden, a family-friendly town that can control itself."

Amusing development on the local news front, with the Standard-Examiner reporting earlier this week that "[North Ogden]Residents spent several hours Wednesday night expressing their dismay to city leaders over the proposed Monroe Boulevard extension, even though it may not happen for 20 years. A few were positive about the future road, but many were unhappy calling it a “road to nowhere” and expressing concerns of linking Ogden and North Ogden bringing more crime into the city," among other lame complaints:
Just like clockwork, former Standard-Examiner columnist Charlie Trentelman provides this most-excellent letter-to-the editor retort, expressing what has to be the overwhelmingly contrarian view of the vast majority  O-Town residents in re the "Monroe Boulevard expansion" issue. "Clearly, the residents of North Ogden are on the edge. They lack moral controls and are unable to resist temptation. The slightest nudge can set them off," Mr. Trentleman wryly observes:
Here's a Weber County Forum Tip O' The Hat to Mr. Trentelman, for emerging from retirement, and explaining to the "morality challenged amateurs" of North Ogden exactly "how we roll in Ogden, a family-friendly town that can control itself."

Don't let the cat get your tongues...

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Ozboy said...

Ogden has gangsters,
North Ogden has Senator Christensen,
As a strictly moral choice
I will take Ogden thank you.

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