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More Than His Fair Share of Chutzpah

From this Morning's Salt Lake Tribune Letters to Editor:

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Salt Lake Tribune
Remembering Rosa Parks

The passing of Rosa Parks brought to mind her visit to Utah in 1992. During her visit she was hosted by the Salt Lake Area NAACP and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The church presented Rosa with her family history and the NAACP organized a dinner to celebrate her life.

As a board member of the NAACP at the time, I was moved by Rosa Parks' quiet dignity and a gift of an autographed copy of her biography to my then 13-year-old daughter. Rosa formed a relationship between the two that changed my daughter forever. This personal experience inspires my daughter to teach her newborn son to care for all people no matter their race or ethnicity.

While Rosa's bravery in refusing to get out of her seat on the bus started a movement that literally changed a nation, it should not be the only thing that defines her legacy. She enlightened two generations of children by her example and teaching them to love one another. Because of her lifetime of giving, so many of the rising generation will be taught what she taught their parents and grandparents. This really is the greatness of her legacy.

God bless Rosa Parks for her courage and love that changed so many. May we emulate her example in our churches, work, homes and communities.

Stuart C. Reid

Stuart Reid?

Could this be the same Stuart Reid who was run out of Salt Lake City because of his disdain for low and moderate income housing?

The same Stuart Reid, who authored the aborted Wal-mart Land-grab?

The same Stuart Reid whe created the RiverWalk scheme,which would oust the disadvantaged and politically powerless from their economically-desirable properties along the Ogden River, for the sole benefit of wealthy developers?

The same Stuart Reid who accepted a secret $43,000 "severance bonus" in a "handshake deal," outside of the earshot of the Ogden city council and their taxpaying townsfolk?

The Same Stuart Reid who holds high ecclesiastical office in the "gentile" church which doesn't consider itself a gentile church?

I ask the latter because he surely seems to have more than his fair share of chutzpah -- if indeed this is our Stuart Reid.

Anybody want to give me a little help on this?


Editor's note to those readers who have been awaiting more Stuart Reid red meat. No this is not the article I promised. I'm still awaiting more data (evidence) before I publish it. Patience, gentle readers. Consider this one an appetizer;)

This thread is open. I'll be busy politicking until mid-afternoon, at least. Consider the topic to be wide-open.


Dorothy Littrell said...

Our Mr. Reid is the classic example of a "name-dropper".

He wants to take some of the shine from Rosa Parks to make his slimey soul feel better.

I experienced some of Mr. Reid's so-called compassion during the condemnation proceedings by Ogden for the Wal-mart RDA Project.

In August, 2004, I decided to bring my own suit against the Ogden RDA on constitutional grounds. In order to do so I needed to be a property owner with standing in the condemned blight area.

I arranged to buy property from Hal LeFleur who owned the largest piece of property in the area. At that time Hal wanted desperately to keep his property from being taken by eminent domain by Ogden.

In November, Hal called me for a conference with him and his wife and a third party about buying back the property they had sold to me.

At that meeting Hal told me that Stuart Reid had been calling him to the Ogden City RDA offices repeatedly, putting pressure on him to get back the lot he and his wife had sold to me. Hal said I had to sell him back the property. I said I would never sell him back the property because we had a deal.

Stuart Reid put so much pressure on the LeFleurs that Hal got the shingles and his wife became ill also.

Reid used his position in the LDS church to pressure Hal who happens also to be of that faith.

Reid said that Hal had to get rid of Dorothy Littrell. Reid said that Dorothy Littrell's property was right in the middle of where Wal-mart wanted to place the store.

The fight between me and Hal LeFleur blazed when Hal used his last shred of honesty to get back the lot he had sold to me. A room full of attendees at a Citizens Advocate meeting at the library can verify this.

Hal got his lot back on a Friday and on a Monday I bought another lot from another property owner on Reeves and went to court against Ogden pro se in January, 2005.

Stuart Reid caused Hal LeFleur to lose his health and his integrity.

We have Stuart Reid on tape, as well some other Ogden RDA employees, threatening other property owners besides Hal in their efforts to get property for the Wal-mart Project.

Stuart Reid is a contemptible specimen and Mayor Godfrey should be ashamed to be his advocate.

EC said...

Does anyone buy into this new found revelation of Reid's.

I think now, considering his stnad on the issues and what he thinks best for the city of Ogden.

Until he returns his "severance," the word hypocracy dominates his make-up.

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